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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Missouri

Doctor's Desk

The Process

  1. Determine if you have a Qualifying Condition as outlined by the state of Missouri, you can find information on Qualifying Conditions here

  2. Gather any valid medical records OR be pre-qualified for an examination with one of our physicians by calling us at 636-888-2420

  3. Schedule your appointment by calling us at 636-888-2420 or Booking Online

  4. Fill out our online Patient Information Form (a link will be emailed to you after you book your appointment)

  5. Email us a copy of your ID and a photo of yourself (Details below)

  6. Attend your scheduled appointment

  7. We will submit all required information to Missouri the same day as your appointment (or once we have everything required)

  8. Missouri must process your application within 30 business days

  9. Begin using Medical Marijuana by visiting a licensed dispensary, finding a caregiver, or cultivating your own cannabis


  • Driver's License or ID Card

  • Photo of Yourself

    • Have someone else take it for you

    • Background must be white or off-white

    • Nothing in the background (light switches, door knobs, pictures..)

    • Chest up with ample space above your head

    • Front view of face with nothing obscuring the hair or hairline ( no hats, scarves, headbands...)

  • Medical Records for Qualifying Condition (if applicable)

    • Information on Missouri qualifying conditions can be found here​

    • More details on medical records can be found here

  • Payment

    • Missouri Charges $25.58​

    • Our current prices can be found here


  • We are open 7 days a week. Call us at 636-888-2420 or book your appointment online here

  • Schedule your Patient Educator appointment when you schedule your doctor's appointment to take advantage of our complimentary one-on-one Medical Marijuana and Missouri Dispensary education session



  • The day of your visit Green Leaf Medical Marijuana Card Doctors will provide you with your physician recommendation

  • The day of your visit Green Leaf Medical Marijuana Card Doctors will submit your patient application to the state free of charge

  • Missouri has 30 days to process your application for a Medical Marijuana Card










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