How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card Today?

Same day medical marijuana cards are not easy to obtain. ​We know what it takes to be able to receive your medical marijuana card today. The difficult part of receiving your medical card today is having the Arizona Department of Health Services Medical Marijuana Division process your application quickly. At Green Leaf, we will help you submit your application as soon as you have spoken with one of our marijuana doctors. This means there will be no delay in Arizona receiving your application for a medical marijuana card. Once Arizona receives your application, they will process it within 5 business days. We cannot guarantee it to be any faster than that - and no marijuana doctor can. We have had many of our marijuana patients receive their card the same day they are approved by our medical marijuana doctor. Usually it will take Arizona a day or two to process your medical marijuana card application.

Fastest Way to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card

Call us at 480-656-1068 for Same Day Appointments. We usually have an appointment or two available if you give us a call.

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