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Renew Your AZ Medical Marijuana Card

AZ MMJ Card Renewal Process

In order to properly renew your medical marijuana card in Arizona:

1. Determine if you will be obtaining medical records.

  • Green Leaf does not require updated medical records for most patients experiencing Chronic Pain. For muscular or skeletal related pain, we can provide a physical exam.

  • For most other Qualifying Conditions, gather any updated medical records you may have for your AZ qualifying condition. Generally a most recent visit summary, chart note or progress report with the diagnosis will suffice.

2. Schedule an appointment by calling us at 480-656-1068 or by using our up to date Online Booking Tool

3. We will email you a link to our patient form which can be conveniently filled out online (no printing required).

4. Visit with one of our medical marijuana doctors and allow us to help you submit your application to Arizona.

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What's New? The Patient Portal
and Digital Cards

Arizona has created a Patient Portal for every Medical Marijuana Cardholder. This is where your digital card is available for you to download. It is also where we will help you submit your application.

If you have not accessed your portal yet, Green Leaf is happy to help you. You will need to be able to access this portal to renew your medical card. This is also where you will access your medical card when it is approved. Your login information is the email address that Arizona has on file for you.

Here is a link to Arizona's Patient Portal

Don't love the internet? Give us a call and we are here to help walk you though everything and answer any questions.

How Long Does it Take to Renew My MMJ Card in Arizona?

Arizona allows patients to apply to renew their Medical Marijuana Card 90 days before it expires.

With Arizona's new portal application process, they are able to process your application in as little as a few hours. They do allow themselves up to 5  business days by law.

When you renew your Medical Card, Arizona will not update the card in your portal until the old one expires. The new one will automatically appear at that time if your application to renew has already been approved. 

how long does it take to get a medical marijuana card in Arizona
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