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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Tucson, AZ

Get your Tucson medical marijuana card with help from the knowledgeable, experienced professionals at Arizona Green Leaf. Our medical facility is family-owned and operated, and we have over 40 years of medical industry experience. We know what it takes to get a medical card in Arizona, and we’ll take care of the whole process for you. 

Tucson is an outdoor-lover’s paradise. Immersed in the beauty of the Sonoran Desert, this area is rich with desert landscapes, stunning mountains, and giant saguaro cacti. But it’s not easy to hike the Sabino Canyon, walk the trails of Saguaro National Park, or even enjoy family time at the Reid Park Zoo when you struggle daily with chronic pain or another debilitating medical condition. 

That’s where we come in. We have helped thousands of local residents to improve their quality of life with access to medical marijuana. We have two locations two serve you, including our flagship location in Chandler. Whether you suffer from severe nausea, seizures, pain, or another medical issue, we can help. 

By getting your Arizona medical marijuana card, you’ll have access to more dispensaries, better prices, and the highest-quality medical-grade products. You’ll enjoy privileges only available to medicinal marijuana patients, including cannabis delivery services and access to medical-only products like THC tinctures and cannabis oil syringes. Many local dispensaries offer priority lines, special menus, and exclusive deals to medical marijuana patients. 

Whether you live in Tucson or a surrounding community like Nogales, Green Valley, Sierra Vista, or Drexel Heights, our knowledgeable and compassionate professionals are here to serve you. Just schedule your evaluation appointment, fill out our patient form, and visit us at the designated time. You can even get your medical marijuana card online via telemedicine. 

Benefits of a Having a Medical Marijuana Card in Tucson

We’ll explain the whole process, learn about your condition, and complete the paperwork and processing on your behalf—and we’ll do it all in the same day as long as we have everything required to proceed. 

Once the application is filed, the state should begin processing your application within 5 business days. In some cases, it’s possible to receive your card in as little as one day. Once the state has approved your medical patient status, you’ll receive an emailed link to access your medical marijuana card. Make sure to bring your physical or digital card with you whenever you visit any of the state’s dispensaries. 

As a new medical marijuana patient, you’ll also qualify for a complimentary visit with our Patient Educator. They can sit down with you, learn about your condition and goals, and help you to understand how to get the most from your medical cannabis. 

At Arizona Green Leaf, we employ the best medical marijuana doctors in Arizona. We’re committed to on-time appointments, exemplary customer service, and compassionate care. We have over 400 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook because we always put the patient first. 

To get started, just call our Tucson medical marijuana doctors at (480) 656-1068 or book on our website.

Medical Marijuana Doctors in Tucson, AZ
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