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Arizona Medical Marijuana Cards

Green Leaf Medical Marijuana Card Doctors help patients through the entire process of obtaining an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card.  Our main location is in Chandler, Arizona. This location is located near Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Sun Lakes, Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Maricopa, and Queen Creek. We also have a location in Scottsdale, Arizona which is close to Fountain Hills, Phoenix, and Cave Creek. Our marijuana certification centers are family owned and operated.


Our marijuana doctors are focused on quality patient care and education. You will find compassionate, professional, and knowledgable doctors in our clinic every day to assist you.  Our staff has over 40 years of healthcare experience and we look forward to helping you live a more natural and holistic life today.

At Green Leaf, we believe in the value of medical cannabis and feel that the process to get a medical marijuana card should be convenient, easy, affordable, and hassle free.  That is why we pride ourselves in customer service, on time appointments, compassionate care, and providing a total end-to-end processing of a patient's card.  There is no additional charge for our staff filing the medical marijuana card application with the state of Arizona. Therefore, our patients rest easy when they leave our clinic knowing that they will have their card shortly.

Patients who choose Green Leaf have terrific things to say about our team. Frequent terms used by patients to describe our staff include knowledgeable, professional, awesome, friendly, and helpful. Please see our reviews on websites like Google and Yelp


To schedule an appointment call us or book online.

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Chandler Location

We are located in the Elliot Square Shopping Center on the southeast corner of Elliot and Dobson at:

1989 W Elliot Rd #29
Chandler, AZ 85224

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Medical Marijuana Doctors, Arizona Medical Marijuana Cards, MMJ in AZ

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

​Medical Marijuana has been used to help treat medical ailments such as chronic pain, migraine headaches, testicular cancer, asthma, epilepsy, and arthritis. For those patients with glaucoma, medical marijuana use decreases pressure within the eye. Doctors and researchers are just beginning to study and learn what additional benefits might be out there. Research has begun to offer promising results regarding medical cannabis being able to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, improve lung health, prevent epileptic seizures, decrease symptoms of rare diseases and disorders such as Dravet Syndrome, stop cancer from spreading, reduce anxiety, treat inflammatory bowel diseases, and reduce tremors in those with Parkinson’s disease. Those suffering from PTSD have described medical marijuana as being a miracle drug. Patients going through chemotherapy have found medical cannabis to reduce the terrible side effects associated with the treatment.

Medical Marijuana Evaluations

An evaluation to determine if a patient is able to obtain a medical marijuana card typically involves a patient visiting a medical marijuana doctors office where a physician who specializes in cannabis will perform a medical exam to confirm that a patient suffers from a "Qualifying Condition". If the marijuana doctor confirms a Qualifying Condition, they are able to complete the Medical Marijuana Certification form required by Arizona. Within 90 days of that form being completed, an application must be submitted to Arizona to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card. Arizona patients will find that at Green Leaf MMJ Card Doctors we will help you through the entire process of obtaining your medical card. Give us a call with any questions. Our team is always happy to help!

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James A.

Same day appointment for a renewal. I was able to do the appointment at work with Telemedicine. Couldn't be happier. I actually got my AZ medical marijuana card the same day. CRAZY fast. Very impressed. Will return if the government still insists on being dumb in 2 years.

Chris S.

Awesome experience! Great job walking me through the medical card process and getting my state application submitted! The staff and doctor were very helpful and answered all of my questions. Thank you Green Leaf medical marijuana doctors!

Rachel B.

The doctor and staff members were so friendly and professional. They gave me recommendations and took down my recommendations as well. (Transdermal patches are heaven sent) The process was quick and they answered every question I had.

Adan B.

Friendly and courteous staff. I was nervous about going in and what to expect. I was gladly received by the staff who was professional throughout my session. After my visit with the doctor they walked me through the AZ process to be able to do everything on one single visit.

Sara N.

Jessica was the sweetest girl I have ever met and made the whole process so quick and easy. I was able to use my medical card 20 minutes after leaving the place! Dr. Kim was super chill and overall this place is a 10/5 stars. Definitely recommend coming here to get your Arizona medical card!!

Andrew S.

If you are looking to obtain your medical card I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND going to GREEN LEAF MEDICAL MARIJUANA! This was the fastest easiest process I’ve ever been through and the Staff and the Doctor were so nice & respectful. I received my card and approval within 2 days of me doing my application.

How to Get a Medical Card in AZ
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