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About Us

Green Leaf Medical Marijuana Card Doctors provides Medical Marijuana Certifications to patients so they can obtain a medical marijuana card in Arizona and then purchase and consume medical cannabis.  Our clinic is family owned and operated.  Patients find our staff to be friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, and compassionate.  Our marijuana doctors are experienced in the certification process and ensure that each patient leaves equipped with knowledge and understanding of medical cannabis for the treatment of the patient’s qualifying condition. You will find our clinic to be clean, easy to find, professional, discrete, and caring.    

At Green Leaf, we believe in the value of medical cannabis and feel that the process to get a medical marijuana card should be convenient, easy, affordable, and hassle free.  That is why we pride ourselves in customer service, on time appointments, compassionate care, and providing a total end-to-end processing of a patient's card.  There is no additional charge for our staff filing the medical marijuana card application with the state of Arizona. Therefore, our patients rest easy when they leave our clinic knowing that they will have their card shortly.

If you are requesting medical records to be sent to our office please complete a Records Release Form and provide one to each of the providers, including chiropractors, you have seen in the past 12 months.  We are happy to fax these to your current medical doctors for you. Please follow up with your provider to ensure they have sent over your medical records. Once you have confirmed, call and schedule your appointment.

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