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How long does it take to get my MMJ card in AZ

When patients have decided that Medical Marijuana is a wonderful option for the treatment of their qualifying condition, they often want their card as soon as possible. The great news is that with Green Leaf Medical Marijuana Card Doctors process, we see many of our patients receive their card the same day as their doctor's visit. Since we have availability daily, there is not a faster marijuana doctor in Arizona.

Time it takes to receive your Arizona Medical Marijuana Card
How Long Does it Take to Get an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card

Getting Your Arizona Medical Marijuana Card

At Green Leaf, we submit your card immediately after your appointment, there will be no delay in Arizona receiving your application for a medical marijuana card. The challenge of receiving your medical card today is having Arizona Department of Health Services Medical Marijuana Devision process your application quickly. Our team has direct access to the application system used by AZDHS. No need to navigate it alone. Once Arizona receives your application, they must process it within 5 business days. As of this post, they have been processing most applications the same day they are received. We cannot guarantee it to be that fast - and no marijuana doctor can. But, with our streamlined process your application is received as soon as possible. When the state of Arizona has processed your application, you will receive an electronic card immediately and will be able to purchase your medication.

Fastest Way to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card

If you are ready to get your medical marijuana card today, please call our office at 480-656-1068 or book online. Same Day Appointments available by phone.

fastest way to get medical marijuana card in Arizona
Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Today


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