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How to Receive A Medical Marijuana Card Using Telemedicine in Missouri

Green Leaf Medical Marijuana Card Doctors is now  offering telemedicine visits throughout Missouri.  Please call us today at 636-888-2420 to get your medical marijuana card online.

The Process

  1. Determine if you have a Qualifying Condition as outlined by the state of Missouri, you can find information on Qualifying Conditions here

  2. Gather any valid medical records or be pre-qualified for an examination with one of our physicians by calling us at 636-888-2420

  3. Schedule your appointment by calling us at 636-888-2420 or Booking Online

  4. Fill out our online Patient Information Form (a link will be emailed to you after you book your appointment)

  5. Email us a copy of your ID and a photo of yourself (Details below)

  6. Attend your scheduled appointment

  7. We will submit all required information to Missouri the same day as your appointment (or once we have everything required)

  8. Missouri must process your application within 30 business days

  9. Begin using Medical Marijuana by visiting a licensed dispensary, finding a caregiver, or cultivating your own cannabis

Required Documents

Please review your documents before sending. We cannot accept blurry documents. You will need to email the following information to us.


Please send to info@greenleafmmjclinic.com

  • Proof of Residency Photo ID

    • Missouri Driver's License or Missouri ID Card

  • Photo of yourself

    • Have someone else take it for you

    • Background must be white or off-white

    • Nothing in the background (light switches, door knobs, pictures..)

    • Chest up with ample space above your head

    • Front view of face with nothing obscuring the hair or hairline ( no hats, scarves, headbands...)

  • Medical Records - PDFs only (See Below)

online medical marijuana card

Medical Records Information

While we do have doctors who can diagnosis patients with Missouri Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions, we also accept records from other providers . We accept medical records showing that you have been diagnosed and treated for a Qualifying Condition in the past. These summaries should include the diagnosis about the qualifying condition(s). We do not accept discs or pictures as medical records. We must have your records at the time of your appointment to be able to use them.


Here are some common ways patients obtain their medical records:


1. Patient Portal: many doctor's offices have patient portals where patients can download their own visit summaries that includes the diagnosis. 

2. Request Records: patients can call their doctor's office and request a chart note from a recent visit. (Some offices will charge for this)

3. Release of Records: We can provide you with a release of records for you to fill out. We will fax it to your doctor's office (make sure it is signed and the fax number is correct).


If you choose option 3, your doctor may take a couple of day and up to 4 weeks to send us the records.

Patients Without Medical Records

For patients who have not been diagnosed with a qualifying Missouri Medical Marijuana condition, Green Leaf Medical Marijuana Card Doctors can diagnosis patients for some medical conditions.

We must pre-qualify any patients who require a physical exam. Please give us a call.









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