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What Is the Arizona Medical Marijuana Concentrate Limit?

The AZ MMJ concentrate limit is considered part of the total weight allowed for purchase and possession. It is higher than the concentrate limit for recreational users under Arizona cannabis laws.

Purchase and Possession Limits

Here are the purchase and possession limits for both medicinal and recreational cannabis in Arizona:

Medical Marijuana

According to the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA), MMJ patients can purchase and possess:

  • Up to two and one-half ounces (70 grams) of marijuana

Medical marijuana patients can purchase marijuana up to this limit every 14 days or have their designated caregiver purchase marijuana for them. Medical purchases are registered in the Arizona Allotment Checker to ensure a patient does not exceed their two-week purchase limit.

The full 2.5 oz. allotment may be used for concentrates if the patient desires, or it may be divided among concentrate and other cannabis products. This is one of the features that makes Arizona’s medical marijuana program unique.

Recreational Marijuana

Recreational marijuana customers ages 21 and above can purchase and possess:

  • Up to one ounce of marijuana (28 grams), of which no more than five grams can be marijuana concentrate

Since the passing of Proposition 207, adults ages 21 and above who are found in possession of more than one ounce but no more than two and one-half ounces of marijuana will be guilty of a petty offense.

Who Is Considered a Medical Marijuana Patient in Arizona?

An MMJ patient is an Arizona resident of any age who has a medical marijuana card. If under 18, the patient's designated caregiver will be their parent or legal guardian. To qualify for a medical marijuana card, the patient must have an Arizona qualifying condition and obtain a physician's certification via an in-person or telemedicine medical marijuana consultation.

After applying through the Arizona Department of Health Services website and paying the $150 fee ($75 for SNAP recipients), the patient’s digital MMJ card should be available within five working days. Some MMJ doctors apply for medical cards on their patients’ behalf.

Where to Buy Adult-Use and Medical Cannabis

According to the AMMA, medical marijuana patients can buy cannabis from licensed nonprofit medical marijuana dispensaries. Adult-use customers can buy cannabis from a marijuana establishment that is licensed for recreational sales.

What's the Difference Between Medical and Adult-Use Dispensaries?

After the AMMA was passed in 2010, the first medical marijuana sales were made from licensed nonprofit MMJ dispensaries in 2012. One medical dispensary was allowed for every 10 pharmacies in the state.

After Proposition 207 (The Smart and Safe Arizona Act) was passed in 2020, many of the original nonprofit medical marijuana dispensaries applied for and received certification as marijuana dispensaries. These dispensaries can now sell to both medical and recreational customers.

Purchase and Possession Limits for Out-of-State MMJ Cardholders

Arizona offers a degree of MMJ reciprocity for patients from states with a legal medical marijuana program. Out-of-state patients with an Arizona qualifying condition and a valid MMJ card may possess up to two and one-half ounces of marijuana. However, out-of-state patients are not eligible to make medical marijuana purchases in Arizona.

If aged 21 and above, out-of-state patients can purchase marijuana at a recreational marijuana establishment up to the adult-use limits and must pay the excise tax of 16%. They can also receive marijuana from another adult up to the medical limit as long as no compensation is given.

Home-Grown and Home-Made Marijuana Products

In Arizona, adults ages 21 and above may grow up to six marijuana plants or a maximum of 12 marijuana plants if two or more adults live in the same residence. The limit for a medical marijuana cardholder (or their caregiver) is 12 plants if they live at least 25 miles from the nearest dispensary.

As per state limits, if a non-patient adult makes their own solventless extracts at home, they should not be in possession of more than 5 grams of concentrate at any one time.

Medical Marijuana Patients Can Purchase More Concentrates Than Recreational Consumers

If you have a qualifying condition and need higher amounts of cannabis concentrate, it's worth getting an Arizona MMJ card. Not only will you be able to purchase two and a half times as much cannabis and cannabis concentrate, but you'll save 16% on excise tax.

There are numerous benefits to getting a medical marijuana card, even in the age of recreational cannabis. Speak to a physician, and decide if it’s the right approach for you.


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