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How to Get a Marijuana Card Online in 2021

Did you know that you could get your Medical Marijuana Card online? Telemedicine allows patients to see doctors from home using video technology on their computer, tablet, or smart phone. Online doctor visits for healthcare has grown exponentially over the past decade, and even more so in 2020. Many Arizona Medical Marijuana patients are getting their Medical Marijuana Card online. Learn more about how easily you can get your Medical Marijuana card online below.

Get a MMJ Card online today
Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online

Get a Marijuana Card Online Today

You can find out more about Green Leaf's o visit process, Learn how to obtain a medical card in AZ. We are open 7 days a week and have convenient hours for patients. For telemedicine, patients are able to see a Marijuana Doctor from home using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Any video enabled device should work. Most visits take less than 30 minutes. During the visit the doctor will review the patients Qualifying Medical Condition for Medical Marijuana and talk about using Medical Marijuana as a treatment for the specific condition. Once a patient is certified, their application will be sent to the state immediately for approval. To learn about getting your Same Day Medical Marijuana Card, you can go here.

Telemedicine Visits

Many patients prefer seeing a doctor from the comfort of their own home. This has been a popular, safe alternative for medical care during the pandemic. Most of our patients have seen a doctor this year using telemedicine. Some reasons that patients select a telemedicine visit are:

  1. Convenient Times

  2. No Drive-Time

  3. Private

  4. Fast and Efficient

  5. Safe

Next Steps

For more information on Green Leaf's telemedicine appointments, you can go here. If you are ready to schedule your appointment, you can book online or call us at 480-656-1068.

How to get an MMJ Card online
Get a Medical Marijuana Card Today Online


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