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Marijuana and Your Job

Now that Arizona has legalized marijuana, you may feel like you do not need to worry about random drug testing at your job. While the Arizona has removed the criminality of Marijuana, you can still lose your job if you use marijuana without being certified for a Medical Marijuana Card and your employer finds out. Read more to learn how you can protect your job if you consume marijuana.

Can you get fired for marijuana
Can Smoking Marijuana Make You Lose Your Job

Recreational Marijuana and Your Job

The state of Arizona legalized marijuana in November 2020. Now anyone over the age of 21 can use marijuana without risk of prosecution. But, employers are still allowed to terminate those who consume marijuana. To be clear, in Arizona your employer can fire you for consuming marijuana if you are not currently certified for the Arizona Medical Marijuana program.

Medical Marijuana Helps Protect Your Job

If you consume marijuana, it is strongly recommended to obtain your medical marijuana card to help protect your job. If you have a qualifying medical condition, you can receive a Medical Marijuana Card in AZ. You can find out about Arizona's Qualifying Conditions here. In Arizona, having a medical marijuana card offers job protections not provided for recreational marijuana consumers.

If you are under the age of 21 and consume marijuana recreationally, it is still illegal. If you are under 21 and use marijuana, you should have a medical marijuana card for a qualifying medical condition.

In addition to job protection, having your medical card provides other benefits for marijuana consumers as well. To find out more about the benefits of a medical marijuana card when recreational marijuana is legalized, you can view our blog post here.

Next Steps

If you want to protect yourself from losing your job over a positive Marijuana Drug Test, it is time to get your medical marijuana card. To read about the process of obtaining your card, you can go, Learn how to obtain a medical card in AZ. Please review the Qualifying Conditions to determine which one you have and gather any medical records you have. If you do not have records, you can still get your card, read about that here. Please contact us with any questions. If you are ready to schedule your appointment, give us a call at 480-656-1068 or book online.

can you lose your job if you smoke
Can you lose your job if you use marijuana


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