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Can Snowbirds and Temporary Residents Qualify for an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card?

Arizona is a state that has a significant population of temporary residents and snowbirds. Even if you do not live in Arizona full time, you may still be able to obtain your medical marijuana card in Arizona. The following post will provide information about the documentation required and the steps involved to obtain your Arizona medical marijuana card.

How can snowbirds get a medical marijuana card in Arzona
How Temporary Arizona Residents Can Buy Marijuana

Requirements for Temporary Residents to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card

Valid Identification

In order to obtain a medical marijuana card in Arizona patients must be able to provide a copy of one of these forms of ID (expired is OK):

  • Arizona Driver’s License

  • Arizona Identification Card

  • US Passport Booklet

Arizona Address

To be eligible for an Arizona medical marijuana card, patients must currently be living in Arizona. If you have a residential address in Arizona, you meet the criteria for living in Arizona. If you do not have a residential address because you are homeless, Arizona allows you to provide a mailing address instead.

Email Address

As part of the marijuana card application process, patients must create an Arizona Licensing Portal account. In order to have a patient portal account, patients must have an email address and the ability to access the email address. Email is the way Arizona communicates with cardholders.

Medical Records

The Arizona medical marijuana program allows physicians recommending medical marijuana to review patients' medical records from physicians located outside of Arizona. For information regarding medical records and the conditions Arizona allows a card to be approved for check out our page detailing The Process of Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card. If you do not have medical records available, our physicians can also provide physical exams for most pain related ailments. Give us a call at 480-656-1068 to be prequalified.

Steps to Obtaining A Medical Marijuana Card in Arizona

Find a State Qualified Medical Marijuana Doctor

The state of Arizona requires all patients to see an Arizona licensed physician to be evaluated for a medical marijuana card. The state if Arizona allows MDs, DOs, and NMDs to recommend patients for a medical marijuana card.  If you are looking for a qualifying doctor, you should look no further than Green Leaf. Our licensed, knowledgeable, and compassionate marijuana doctors are available 6 days a week in two locations to help you obtain your medical marijuana card. To schedule an appointment you can go here.

Obtain Your Documents

In order to obtain a medical marijuana card in Arizona patients must have a valid form of identification, Arizona address, email address, and medical records for the qualifying condition.

Booking an Appointment

Once you are in Arizona, you can schedule your appointment.  You can schedule an appointment by calling our office at 480-656-1068 or you can also book online. Arizona’s medical marijuana law requires the doctor to review the patients records and evaluate the patient to determine if medical marijuana is a good treatment for the patient. 

Visiting your Arizona Medical Marijuana Doctor

After you have scheduled your appointment for your visit at our office, you will be emailed details for the visit. 24 hours prior to the visit patients are asked to complete the patient form.  During your visit, you will meet with our knowledgeable and caring doctor to determine if you qualify for a recommendation in Arizona.

When coming to your visit, be sure to bring a form of ID, Medical Records, and payment. Patients must also have their photo taken for their ID, so be prepared to have your photo taken.

Seasonal Residents

Seasonal Arizona residents who do not possess a valid Arizona driver’s license or identification card are still eligible for their medical marijuana card. These “snowbirds” would need to possess a (current or expired) US Passport.

Additionally, like all patients, seasonal residents will need a valid Arizona mailing address and email address.

Ready to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card?

Once you are ready to become a part of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program, please call our office or schedule online for your medical marijuana card recommendation. Our staff is highly knowledgeable and can talk you through the program and schedule you for an appointment with one of our compassionate physicians at Green Leaf Medical Marijuana Card Doctors. Our clinic conveniently sees patients Monday – Saturday with locations in both Chandler and Scottsdale.

How to get a medical marijuana card as a temporary Arizona resident
How Snowbirds Can Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Arizona


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