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Words of Wisdom

Our medical marijuana doctors and our patient educators are great resources for learning about medical marijuana in Arizona, but we also believe the medical marijuana community can be a great help to our patients. Here are some of our favorite pieces of advice our renewal patients have asked us to share with brand new patients:

"Ask Questions" - This is by far the most popular advice we hear from other patients. Ask for advice on products. Don't assume you know what you need. Ask lots of questions. There is a lot you don't know. Ask questions at every transaction. Even if they seem silly, ask questions. Ask the budtenders any questions. Everyone is here to help. Don't be embarrassed. Ask lots of questions. Knowledge is power. Don't worry about the people in line behind you.

"It Works" - We get this response a lot as well!

"Experiment" - Be willing to try different strains and products. Finding the right strain makes a difference. Be willing to experiment with different delivery methods and new products. Different strains and different methods can have very different effects.

"Be Patient" and "Go Slow" - It might take a little time to find the right dosages and products that work best for you. Start small and go from there.

"Research" - Learn about different strains and delivery methods before visiting the dispensary for the first time. Educate yourself.

"Take Notes" - There are so many products, strains, growers, and manufacturers. No two flowers are identical. The more information you keep track of, the better informed you will be. Keep a journal.

"Microdose" - This is a great way to medicate throughout the day without floating through it.

"Don't Miss the Deals" - This medicine works but it can get expensive, especially when you are buying many different products to find what works the best for you. Take advantage of the first time patient specials while learning which dispensaries you prefer. Go to dispensaries when vendors are onsite for specials and give aways. Collect loyalty points.

"Forget the Stereotypes" - Give cannabis a chance. It is not what Reefer Madness suggested.


"Be Excited" - Cannabis is pretty great. There is lots to learn. Enjoy the ride. Don't be intimidated or nervous.

"I didn't think this medical marijuana would work, but it does help so much"

"I was against the use due to the stigma attached. I am so happy I tried. I am able to do things I cannot do without the relief from cannabis."

"I was skeptical of this helping, but it really helps the pain and discomfort."

"Green Leaf is the Best" - We agree!

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