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Best Cannabis News Sources for Arizona Patients

Keeping up-to-date on local cannabis news is a must for medical marijuana patients in Arizona, as ongoing legal developments, medical marijuana research breakthroughs, and changes in the cannabis industry have direct implications for users of cannabis. If you are a medical marijuana patient in Mesa or Phoenix, the news sources on this list should be among your go-to sites for the latest cannabis news in AZ.

Dedicated Cannabis News Sites

Dedicated cannabis industry news sites are some of the best places to learn about medical cannabis developments, sales and revenue statistics, telemedicine doctors in AZ, and changes in cannabis legalization around the nation. It can be helpful to check in with Arizona-specific news as well as national cannabis news. While cannabis is legal in Arizona (and state laws govern AZ cultivation and dispensaries), federal laws affect us all, and it's still important to be aware.

AZ Cannabis News

AZ Cannabis News is the best place to go for everything cannabis in Arizona. Here, you will find:

  • Summaries of Arizona's cannabis laws

  • Cannabis podcasts

  • Cannabis brand, business, and dispensary lists

  • Press releases about everything relating to cannabis: events, sustainability initiatives, scholarship programs, and partnerships

  • Cannabis events in Arizona


AZ is Arizona State's go-to website for practical marijuana purchase information. In addition to statewide, national, and international cannabis news, AZ Marijuana-com helps you keep your finger on the pulse with:

  • Dispensary listings

  • Cannabis job listings

  • Cannabis laws

  • Cannabis deals

  • Cannabis videos

  • Marijuana memes

  • Information about CBD

  • Information about Proposition 207

High Times

High Times is perhaps the most well-known national cannabis publication, available as a magazine and online. The High Times Cannabis Cup—run by the magazine—is one of the premier cannabis competitions in the United States.

In addition to regular cannabis news, High Times offers:

  • High Times TV

  • Spanish-language cannabis news

  • Product guides

  • Grow information

  • Cannabis events

  • Cannabis entertainment

  • Cannabis culture news

You can find Arizona-specific cannabis news here or by entering the tag "Arizona" in the search bar.

University of California Cannabis News

Medical marijuana patients may be especially interested in the latest scientific research on cannabis and how it could help their condition. In particular, new research can provide insights into new strains and products that may be especially effective for Arizona’s qualifying conditions.

At the time of writing, the University of California Irvine Cannabis Research page features publications by leading cannabis researchers plus monthly updates written by Christleen Casem, Mahan Naeim, and Melody Pezeshkian. For the scientifically inclined and medically curious, this site provides some valuable insights.

Local Coverage of Cannabis Issues

Many of Arizona's homegrown news companies offer coverage of medical and recreational cannabis industry developments as well as information about businesses, licenses, and rules. These are some of the top publications and television channels for cannabis news.

Fox 10 Phoenix

Fox 10 Phoenix is a Fox-owned television station and news company based in Phoenix, Arizona. This station covers local weather, traffic, politics, and live breaking news.

To access cannabis-specific news, type "cannabis" in the website's search bar and scroll down the list to find articles of interest. As you'll discover, there are over 100,000 results for cannabis, so it could help to enter specific terms (such as "medical cannabis," "adult-use cannabis," "cannabis restaurant," etc.) to narrow your search.

Arizona Mirror

The Arizona Mirror describes itself as "an independent, nonprofit news organization that is focused on connecting public policy with the people it affects." Thanks to its community-based funding, the Arizona Mirror is able to stay editorially independent.

For cannabis-specific news, enter "cannabis" in the search field along with a date range, author, and category (optional) to narrow your search. You should see multiple pages of cannabis articles on topics including:

  • Cannabis law

  • The social equity law

  • The latest medical marijuana research

  • Cannabis tax revenue for the year to date

Phoenix New Times

The Phoenix New Times is a free print and digital news company based in Phoenix and owned by Voice Media Group. This publication covers several topics of interest for people who want to engage with their community, including restaurants, arts, culture, and news.

The Phoenix New Times marijuana page has extensive coverage of cannabis in Phoenix, including:

  • Latest cannabis news

  • Trending cannabis news

  • Feature stores

  • Cannabis cafés

  • Festivals and events

  • Medical research

  • Dispensary listings

  • Featured photos

  • Sponsored content

You can even sign up for the New Times Insiders emails for marijuana news and freebies straight to your inbox.


Arizona's Family is a television station and news company that covers live breaking news and in-depth investigations on issues affecting residents of the Valley in conjunction with 3TV and CBS5. News stories can be accessed on-air, online, streaming, and on social media.

A search for "cannabis" in the search bar returns more than 300 results, including written news articles as well as videos. Browse articles and stories of interest, including:

  • The cannabis stock market

  • New cannabis businesses

  • Novel cannabis-infused products

  • Cannabis legalization around the U.S.

  • Cannabis in sports

  • Cannabis and education

Get on Board with the Local Cannabis Scene

Whether you're simply interested in cannabis, have a qualifying condition, or want to jump on the cannabis legalization bandwagon, following cannabis news in AZ will help you keep your finger on the pulse.

Arizona's medical cannabis industry wins came about through the massive and growing support of Arizonians, and the scene continues to develop and grow. Cannabis news in AZ can help you enjoy the best that medical cannabis has to offer and link you up with your local cannabis-loving community.


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