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What Is the Best Sativa Strain for Energy?

Sativa-dominant strains are famous for their invigorating and energizing effects and can be used when you need an extra boost. Patients with a range of conditions can suffer from tiredness, lethargy, or low energy. The good news is that the best energizing strains can get you back on your feet and ready to face whatever comes your way. So, which is the best sativa strain for energy?

5 Best Sativa Strains for Energy

Sativa-dominant cannabis strains tend to offer more uplifting effects than indica strains. That said, don't be afraid to experiment with other types of strains or different consumption methods. Cannabis strains affect everybody differently. Finding the perfect strain for you will be a question of trying different products with an open mind.

1. Super Silver Haze

Sativa, 21% THC/0% CBD

Super Silver Haze is a high-THC strain that is ideal for experienced MMJ patients who need a boost. Expect a burst of euphoria and a spurt of energy that will get you off the couch and ready to face the day. Consumers report heightened focus and uplifting stress or anxiety relief that can get you out of a rut and back to your most energetic and productive self.

2. Green Crack

Sativa-dominant hybrid, 17% THC/1% CBG

Green Crack (or Green Cush) is famous for providing an invigorating mental buzz along with energizing and uplifting effects. This makes it an ideal choice for people seeking a boost in creativity, focus, and productivity.

Best taken during the day, Green Crack has a tangy mango taste and is often chosen by patients treating depression, stress, or fatigue. This cannabis strain is a great choice for a kick of physical or mental energy.

3. Jack Herer

Sativa-dominant, 18% THC/1% CBG

Jack Herer is one of the most mythical weed strains, and with good reason. A sativa-dominant strain, Jack Herer is lauded for its uplifting and energizing effects. Consumers often report an invigorating burst of focus and motivation that sparks their creative juices. The mental clarity and inspiration Jack Herer offers make it a great choice for creatives or people looking to tap into their imaginative side.

In addition to its uplifting effects, Jack Herer also offers a range of therapeutic benefits. It is often sought after for its potential to alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. The strain’s calming and mood-enhancing properties can help promote a sense of relaxation and well-being.

4. Durban Poison

Sativa, 19% THC/0% CBD

Durban Poison could be the perfect strain for those needing a mental as well as a physical boost. This strain's effects include euphoria, bouts of intense energy, and clear and focused thought. The latter could help you get things done at times when everything seems like a mountain to climb.

5. Sour Diesel

Sativa-dominant hybrid, 19% THC/0% CBD

Sour Diesel is noted for its uplifting and energizing kick that could help you out of a slump. It is also said to provide cerebral stimulation that may help with creativity.

Pro tip: If you're new to the MMJ world, your doctor and experts at your local dispensary can advise you on the best cannabis products for boosting energy. Arizona patients should remember to renew their AZ MMJ cards to continue to purchase energy-boosting strains in medical-only dispensaries, and without paying the 16% excise tax that applies to recreational cannabis sales.

How Effective Is Cannabis for Boosting Energy?

Research shows that cannabis boosts energy for a lot of people.

  • In a 2019 study, over 90% of the participants reported reduced fatigue after consuming cannabis. Symptom relief was greatest with joints as opposed to pipes or vaporizers and did not vary between strains labeled as “sativa,” “indica,” and “hybrid.” Less than 24% of study participants reported a negative side effect of increased fatigue (such as couchlock or lack of motivation).

How Might Cannabis Help with Energy?

The authors of the 2019 study linked above theorized that the energetic effects associated with cannabis might have more to do with their terpenoid and terpene content as opposed to their cannabinoid content or sativa/indica/hybrid labeling. This might be due to the terpenes themselves or the way in which terpenes affect the connection between CBD, THC, and fatigue.

Sativa strains are often rich in monoterpenes like pinene and limonene which are believed to be psychologically uplifting. Understanding the many medical benefits of terpenes can help MMJ patients choose strains that are especially effective for symptoms like lethargy and pain rather than looking at THC and CBD percentages alone.

Tips When Consuming Sativa Strains for Energy

Take the following into account when consuming an energy-boosting sativa strain:

  • Energy-boosting strains are best for daytime use. Energizing sativa strains are best for daytime use—assuming you're seeking an energy boost during the day and wish to rest at night.

  • Some energetic sativa strains contain high THC levels. If you're a beginner, go slow with high-THC strains to avoid being overwhelmed.

Choose Sativa Strains for an Energy Boost and Mental Clarity

Lethargy, fatigue, and low energy levels are common complaints among patients suffering from a wide range of conditions. While it's extremely important to continue the course of treatment your doctors recommend, these medications might not necessarily help with fatigue.

MMJ patients have access to a huge number of products that could help restore their pizzazz (important: always check with your doctor before combining medications). Sativa strains are a great starting point for getting back on your feet and facing the day with renewed verve.


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