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Best Weed Strains for Pain

Introducing a selection of the best weed strains for pain into your everyday routine could provide relief for chronic pain caused by a range of medical conditions. Because different marijuana strains could offer different therapeutic properties, choosing the right strain for your health condition—or being willing to experiment—is an important first step.

Pain relief is one of the main reasons medical marijuana patients consume marijuana. Luckily, many of the best strains for chronic pain could help you manage your condition and improve your everyday quality of life.

The Impact of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is one of the most commonly suffered ailments in the U.S. One study suggested that almost 21% of the population suffered from chronic pain in 2021 and 6.9% suffered pain that substantially impacted their daily activities.

The impact of chronic pain on individuals and society alike is significant. It can limit people's ability to work and do other everyday or leisure activities. Chronic pain is also linked to mental health problems like anxiety and depression. Finding ways to manage pain is therefore of utmost importance for individuals and society alike.

Cannabis for Pain Relief

Chronic pain is one of 14 qualifying conditions in Arizona for the use of medical marijuana. Both anecdotal evidence and scientific studies substantiate claims about marijuana’s potential for pain relief, indicating that it could provide a viable solution for pain caused by different conditions. 

Cannabis may reduce pain by providing anti-inflammatory effects. The best cannabis strains for inflammation may be effective therefore for patients suffering from arthritis or other inflammatory conditions.

A review of 10,000 studies into cannabis use for medical indications also concluded that patients treated with cannabis were likely to experience a significant reduction in pain symptoms.

Ask your doctor how marijuana for pain relief could fit in with other treatments you’re following to manage pain and discomfort. Remember, you must apply for and then renew your medical marijuana card to buy cannabis without paying the 16% excise tax in Arizona.

Cannabis as an Alternative to Opioid-Based Pain Medication

Cannabis offers a viable alternative to opioid-based medication prescribed for pain management. The prolonged use of powerful opioid-based prescription medications for relieving chronic pain doesn't come without risks. It is associated with several serious consequences including misuse and addiction.

Alternatives to opioids to treat pain are therefore gaining popularity. Medical marijuana can be one of those alternatives as it offers an effective way to reduce pain with a lower risk of dependence. The linked study also reported that MMJ patients found marijuana to be just as effective—if not more effective—than opioid-based pain medications. 

Best Cannabis Strains for Pain

These cannabis strains are a great starting point to treat pain caused by a wide range of conditions:

Northern Lights

This is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with around 16-21% THC content. Northern Lights offers a muscle-relaxing high with pain-easing effects that could give you respite from your discomfort. It may also make you feel sleepy, which could be helpful if your pain keeps you awake. Northern Lights contains the terpene myrcene, which could act as a natural analgesic.


Blueberry is another marijuana strain containing myrcene. Blueberry typically contains around 17% THC and offers a delicious fruity taste and aroma alongside pain relief and euphoria.


This indica-dominant strain has a high THC concentration of around 21-30%. It's a favorite among many patients suffering from chronic or acute pain. It can be used to relieve pain caused by several conditions including migraines and nerve pain.

L.A. Confidential

This is an excellent strain for patients looking for a laid-back high. This indica strain offers pain-relieving effects with relaxation and sedation. L.A. Confidential contains between 17% and 25% THC.


Cannabis novices or patients who wish to avoid a significant psychoactive high may find Harlequin a perfect strain. Harlequin contains approximately 9% CBD and only 5% THC. 

Other low-THC strains with myrcene include:

  • Cannatonic, which contains approximately 9% CBD and around 4% THC. Expect relaxation, pain relief, and mental focus with this strain. 

  • ACDC is a CBD-dominant strain that could be a great option to take during the day. ACDC contains 12% CBD and only 1% THC, meaning patients can enjoy pain relief while maintaining focus.


If you're still not sure how to use MMJ to relieve pain, you might find the answers here:

Is It Better to Use Sativa or Indica Strains for Pain?

It may be better to use indica strains for pain. However, distinguishing indica and sativa strains is far from an exact science. It may be best to experiment to find what works for you.

What's Best for Chronic Pain Relief: THC or CBD?

There isn't currently a huge amount of evidence comparing THC and CBD for pain management. However, there are examples of THC and CBD being effective for the treatment of specific types of pain. For example, studies show that CBD could be effective in treating chronic pain and pain associated with fibromyalgia.

However, several other studies suggest that a combination of THC and CBD could be more effective than either of these cannabinoids in isolation. Choosing full-spectrum products instead of THC or CBD concentrates will ensure you consume both THC and CBD and gain the benefits both have to offer.

Because pain has so many different causes, experimenting with different ratios and products may be the best way to find a product that relieves your pain and discomfort.

Try Indica Strains and Full-Spectrum Products for Pain Relief

Indica strains could be a great place to start if you're a beginner looking for a strain for pain relief. When experimenting, be open to advice from other MMJ patients and try different products, THC/CBD ratios, and strains with an open mind.

Full-spectrum products could also be more effective in reducing pain and discomfort than products that only offer THC or CBD. That said, remember that preferences can differ from person to person, and finding the best marijuana strains for you might simply be a question of trial and error.


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