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Everything You Need to Know About the Arizona Budtender’s Bash 2022

The Arizona Budtender’s Bash is an unmissable recurring event held at the Clarendon Hotel and Spa on Clarendon Ave in Phoenix, Arizona. Connecting industry professionals—budtenders and brand reps—and the canna-curious, the Budtender's Bash hosted by Elevations Nation is the best place to go to learn about the latest happenings in the cannabis industry while enjoying live performances, prizes, merchandise giveaways, and light bites.

Basic Info

Time: 7-10pm

Address: The Clarendon Hotel and Spa, 401 W. Clarendon Ave, Phoenix, AZ

Site: Budtenders Bash events rotate between the poolside patio, Skydeck, and Elevations Lounge

Parking: opposite the hotel in the Nursing College lot - cost is $10

Age: 21+

2022 dates:

  • August 15

  • September 19

  • October 29

  • November 7

  • December 31

How to Book:

Bookings can be made directly through the Clarendon Hotel and Spa website or by creating an account on the WeedMaps app.

  • Budtenders receive a complimentary pass and must bring their Arizona Department of Health Services FA/DA card along with proof of age to show they are 21 or above.

  • Non-budtenders can purchase a membership pass for the night and must bring a government-issued ID as proof of age.

While you don't need a medical marijuana card to attend the Budtender's Bash in AZ, visitors with Arizona qualifying conditions can acquire a card via an MMJ telemedicine appointment and the payment of a fee. With your MMJ card, you will have access to higher purchase and possession limits and access to more potent medicinal cannabis while staying in Phoenix.

Reasons to Attend the Budtender's Bash

For Budtenders

During the typical workday, you're focused on your customers and don't have a lot of time to connect at a deeper level with brand reps. However, at a Budtender's Bash event, you can really get to know the stories behind the brands you sell and learn valuable product insights that you can share with your customers.

For Companies

Not only do you get to connect with budtenders in a relaxed setting and talk shop, but you have the chance to hear about the issues that your retailers' customers are facing—from medical customers to visitors looking for the best quality bud in Phoenix. Budtenders often have insights that aren’t published on Google Reviews or Yelp and that can help you improve your products.

For People Who Are Interested in Cannabis

Phoenix, AZ, is becoming a popular place for the canna-curious to visit and try their first taste of cannabis. And as many resorts are still smoke-free, the Clarendon Hotel and Spa is making a name for itself as one of the top 420-friendly accommodation options in Phoenix.

If you're visiting Arizona and are eager to be in on the best-kept secrets of the cannabis scene, be sure to put a Budtender's Bash event on the itinerary. With a menu that includes vendors, music, and food, you really can't go wrong.


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