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Everything You Need to Know About Errl Camp

The annual Errl Camp Medicated Event in Camp Verde Arizona is an unmissable camping experience in fall (usually September), run by the organizers of the Errl Cup for MMJ patients and recreational cannabis consumers.

The camp consists of three days and two nights of medicated camping held at the Jackpot Ranch with cannabis, friends, food, fishing, boating, hiking, and live music. While the event has free admission (the Errl Cup way!), tickets go fast, so check the dates for upcoming events and get in before camping spaces run out!

Who Can Participate in the Errl Camp Medicated Camping?

The Errl camp is open to all adults aged 21 and above and MMJ patients aged 18 or older. You'll need a government-issued photo ID (such as a driver's license or passport) or a medical marijuana card to get in. Please note that out-of-state MMJ cardholders in Arizona are allowed to possess and use marijuana but can't purchase it if under 21.

Check-In and Check-Out Times

Camping MMJ patients and other camping visitors can check in from 11 am on the Friday of the weekend event and check out by 12 pm on Sunday. Non-camping MMJ patients and non-camping visitors can come for the open day Saturday to join in the fun, participate in merit badge events, and purchase cannabis from the vendor village.

What if I don't Have an MMJ Card?

If you're 18 to 20 years old and have an Arizona qualifying condition, you can get a medical marijuana card with an in-person or telemedicine MMJ appointment. Approval can take up to 5 working days, but some applicants get same-day MMJ card approval. If you qualify, make sure you apply for your MMJ card well ahead of the camp so you don't miss out.


At the Errl Camp, campers will enjoy live music both day and night, a scavenger hunt, a horseshoe championship, and other activities like fishing, hiking, boating, and tubing. Some of the most coveted camping sites are even located along the river—keeping you close to the action all weekend long. For VIP participants, there are VIP areas with additional experiences to enjoy.

What to Bring

Campers can either bring their own food and water, sign up for a meal bundle, or buy food and drinks from the food trucks. In the vendor village, you'll also find dozens of top dispensaries selling CBD oil and cannabis products for eating, smoking, vaping, and dabbing. Aside from food and weed, bring your tent, hat, sunscreen, guitar, and anything you would usually take for camping.

Prohibited Items

While you can bring cannabis, don't bring illegal drugs or illegal drug paraphernalia. You also can't take alcohol, drones, fireworks, golf carts, motorized vehicles, speaker systems (iPod docks are ok), anything made of glass, weapons, or weapon-like toys like pellet guns. Basically, keep it fun and friendly, follow Arizona cannabis laws, and everyone will have a great time.

Discover Errl Camp Medicated Camping

For adults and MMJ patients 18 and above, the Errl Camp provides a safe, fun place to purchase and enjoy cannabis in a relaxed setting in the great outdoors. If you've never been to this popular event or the Errl Cup, be sure to check it out. And remember, you can get more access and better deals with a medical marijuana card. So if you have a qualifying condition, apply early and join in the fun.


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