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Guide to Juicing Cannabis for Medical Benefits

Juicing is a popular health trend that showcases the dense nutrients found in raw fruits and vegetables. Health enthusiasts are increasingly turning to juicing for its health benefits; but what about juicing cannabis?

Raw cannabis juice offers medical marijuana patients a safe and delicious way to consume fresh cannabis without psychoactive effects. As a healthier alternative to smoking or vaping, the popularity of raw juiced cannabis is bound to skyrocket.

Health Benefits of Consuming Raw Cannabis

Recreational customers and MMJ patients alike have become most familiar with cannabis in its dried and cured form. However, as raw cannabis becomes more available, consumers are waking up to its potential as a plant-based medicine. Indeed, researchers are only just beginning to explore the potential of raw cannabis and how it could play a pivotal role in plant-based nutrition.

Raw cannabis provides two main health benefits:

  • Cannabis leaves and buds are densely packed with vitamins and minerals that benefit health.

  • Raw cannabis contains THCA, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that could improve a range of conditions.

The following are some of the potential benefits of THCA:


Studies have shown that THCA displays powerful neuroprotective activity. This has implications for the treatment of neurodegenerative conditions like Huntington's disease and Alzheimer's.


The possible effect of THCA on nausea is also being researched. One study reported that THCA was effective in reducing nausea and vomiting in rats and shrews. The same study suggested that THCA is more effective than THC in alleviating nausea and vomiting.


A 2018 study into cannabis's effect on insomnia concluded that raw cannabis had a positive impact on the symptoms of perceived insomnia. Patients who were given raw cannabis reported a 4.5-point reduction in their symptoms (rated on a 0-10 scale). 

Nutrients in Raw Cannabis

Many health enthusiasts juice fruit or leafy greens to maximize their nutrient intake. Juicing raw cannabis leaves is a fresh and delicious way to boost the nutritional content of your regular juices.

Raw cannabis leaves contain essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, and potassium. Raw cannabis is also a rich source of dietary fiber.

Products derived from hemp plants like hemp seeds are also highly nutritious. Hemp seeds contain proteins, lipids, fiber, and essential fatty acids.

Raw Cannabis Contains Minimal THC

Patients looking for a way to consume THC should be aware that raw cannabis won't offer psychoactive effects. Raw cannabis contains THCA, which converts to THC when exposed to heat. This process is called decarboxylation and is necessary to feel the "high" associated with THC-containing products.

How to Juice Cannabis

Making fresh cannabis juice is easy. All you need is raw cannabis, a juicer or blender, and a little water if blending. Many states allow adults to grow their own cannabis. In Arizona, adults aged 21 and above can grow up to six marijuana plants at home. Another adult can also give you up to one ounce of raw cannabis for free. 

Patients with a valid medical marijuana card who live more than 25 miles from the nearest medical dispensary or their caregiver can grow up to 12 marijuana plants at home with approval to cultivate from the AZDHS.

Using a Juicer

Thoroughly clean the cannabis and place the plant material into the feed chute. Turn on the juicer and guide the plant material downward with the pusher until it has all been processed. Add the cannabis juice to a smoothie or drink it straight. Alternatively, juice some carrots, apples, and other leafy greens for a tasty, nutritious, and colorful glass of juice.

Using a Blender

Thoroughly clean the cannabis and place the plant material in the blender. Add water and blend until you get a dense but liquidy texture. Add more water if it's too dense. Add this mixture to your favorite juices or smoothies for a delicious, nutrient-rich boost.

Tips for Raw Cannabis Juicing

When juicing cannabis:

  • Use a wheatgrass juicer, if available.

  • Use an electric juicer instead of a hand-crank juicer. You'll need at least 15 leaves to make a small juice and blending them by hand could be tiring!

  • Re-juice the pulp to get the most juice possible from it.

  • Don't juice cannabis stems. They're fibrous and can clog the juicer.

When juicing or blending cannabis:

  • Freeze leftover buds or trim to preserve their nutrients if you can’t juice them right away. Defrost the frozen cannabis whenever you want to make fresh juice.

  • Soaking your leaves in cold water beforehand may release more nutrients.

  • Combine one part cannabis juice with 10 parts carrot juice to reduce cannabis bitterness and enjoy a smoother, more enjoyable taste.

  • If you make too much cannabis juice, don't let it go to waste! Fill up your ice cube tray with the juice and use the ice cubes in your next cannajuice.

Go Green with Raw Cannabis Juice

Raw cannabis presents an intriguing concept for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a more natural and holistic experience. Raw cannabis can be a versatile, fresh, and nutrient-rich addition to any diet. It’s also a great way to mix up your cannabis treatment (with your doctor’s okay).

Work with a specialist MMJ doctor and obtain raw cannabis from a trusted source as you incorporate cannabis juice into your regimen. Most of all, enjoy experimenting with different juice combinations and strains to find the recipe that produces the best flavor and effects.


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