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How to Get Weed Delivered in Phoenix Arizona

Cannabis delivery is legal in Arizona for medical marijuana patients, with recreational delivery set to follow sometime between 1 January 2023 and 1 January 2025. If you've never had marijuana delivered before, understanding how weed delivery in Phoenix Arizona works can help you decide whether you'd like to give it a try.

How to Have Cannabis Delivered

There are two ways medical marijuana patients can arrange for Phoenix weed delivery:

  1. Order cannabis products through a delivery service.

  2. Order directly from a dispensary that offers cannabis delivery.

How to Order Online Through a Delivery Service

There are several independent cannabis delivery services operating in Phoenix that source cannabis products from their vetted dispensaries and deliver them to MMJ cardholders. One of the most popular providers is Supurb, which delivers to multiple areas within Greater Phoenix and is linked to some top names in the cannabis industry, including Sunday Goods (which has stores in Phoenix and Tempe) and Oasis Cannabis (which has locations in Chandler and Glendale).

To order through a delivery service:

  1. Create an account. Enter your email address, mobile phone number, and chosen password to sign up. You will be asked to upload pictures of your medical marijuana card and a government-issued ID, as only medical marijuana patients can have cannabis products delivered under A.R.S. § 36-2801(11). Not a cardholder yet? If you have an Arizona qualifying condition, you can get a doctor's recommendation for cannabis with an MMJ telemedicine appointment and apply (or have the doctor apply on your behalf) through the Arizona Department of Health Services portal.

  2. Enter your delivery address. Once you’ve signed up and uploaded a picture of your MMJ card, enter the address where you want your cannabis products delivered. The website will display the linked dispensaries that are closest to you along with their product inventories.

  3. Select your products. Medical marijuana patients are allowed to have any kind of cannabis products delivered as long as they remain within their two-week Arizona allotment. Delivery services cover everything you would usually buy in-store, including: * Cannabis flower * Pre-rolls * Concentrates (such as shatter and wax) * Vaporizer cartridges * Edibles * Tinctures * Capsules * Topicals * Paraphernalia

  4. Have your government-issued ID and medical marijuana card on hand to show the delivery driver when he or she arrives.

  5. Prepare your money for payment. Most delivery services require payment in cash, but some will accept debit or credit cards for an additional fee. The final cost that you're charged should include dispensary delivery fees but not gratuities. Make sure you tip your driver!

How to Order from Dispensaries That Offer a Cannabis Delivery Service

Many of the best dispensaries in Phoenix offer delivery within a certain radius of the store. Delivery fees vary by provider and may also vary by distance.

White Mountain Health Center

White Mountain Health Center offers delivery within a 15-mile radius of its storefront at 9420 W. Bell Road.

Area serviced: Sun City

Delivery fee: $2 standard delivery fee plus $1 per mile traveled (up to a maximum of 15 miles)

Minimum purchase: $100

To order: Call 623-374-4141 (ext. 3) or on the dispensary website

Payment: Cash or credit card

Nature's Medicines

This popular dispensary has two locations and will deliver to zip codes within 25 miles of their dispensaries as long as the order is placed before 5 pm MT. The Phoenix dispensary is located at 2439 W. McDowell Road and the Glendale dispensary at 6840 Grand Avenue.

Areas serviced: Phoenix and Glendale

Delivery fee: $9

Minimum purchase: N/A

To order: Call 833-356-3145 or order online

Payment: Cash

ANC Dispensary

ANC Dispensary (located at 1039 Carefree Highway) offers delivery within 20 miles of the store for orders placed between 9 am and 4 pm, Monday through Saturday. Check your address under the “delivery” tab at the checkout to see whether you are inside their delivery area.

*Please note that first-time customers must bring in a hard copy of their government-issued ID and a valid Arizona medical marijuana card and sign a hard copy agreement to be eligible to order cannabis online.

Areas serviced: Phoenix, Cave Creek, Carefree, New River, Glendale, and Scottsdale

Minimum purchase: $100

Delivery fee: N/A

To order: Select “delivery” when you place your order online.

Payment: Cash only—“no coins, no exceptions”

Other Dispensaries That Offer Delivery

Aside from those already mentioned, there are several other dispensaries that offer delivery in Phoenix. If you already have a local dispensary that you love, it's worth asking if they offer a delivery service or would consider adding one in the future.

Benefits of Cannabis Delivery

The advantages of cannabis delivery are many:

  • Comfort. If you're in pain, delivery saves you from having to wait around to get the medicine you need.

  • Escape the heat. Wait in your air-conditioned home instead of sweating it out in the Arizona heat.

  • Efficiency. While the drivers pick up your order and drive it to your door, you can spend your time doing other things.

  • Discretion. If you want to keep your cannabis consumption private, having your products delivered could be the best choice.

Weed Delivery in Phoenix Arizona: Easy & Affordable

As long as you have a valid medical marijuana card, you should be able to have cannabis delivered to pretty much any address in Phoenix—and at a much lower cost than you might expect, sometimes at no cost at all! If your favorite dispensary doesn't offer delivery, providers like Supurb work with reputable, high-quality providers, so you can rest assured that you'll only get the best.

If you qualify for a medical marijuana card but haven't yet applied, reach out to an MMJ doctor for a certificate of recommendation and have them apply or apply online. As soon as your digital MMJ card is ap

proved, you will be able to have cannabis products delivered to your home.


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