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Is CBD Legal in Arizona?

The legalization of cannabis has dominated news headlines in Arizona, but what’s the legal status of cannabidiol (CBD) oil? This is still a point of confusion for some consumers.

We do know that CBD is big business here in the Grand Canyon State. Consider that Arizonans spent an estimated $134 million on CBD in 2019 alone. That’s more than any other state except for California, Florida, New York, Washington, and Colorado. Nationwide, a full third of adults have used CBD at least once.

But can this usage come with legal repercussions?

Is CBD Oil Legal in Arizona?

CBD is legal to purchase and consume in Arizona. In fact, Arizona was actually ahead of the curve when it came to hemp and CBD legalization. In May of 2018, Gov. Doug Ducey signed SB 1098 into law, thus establishing the Arizona Department of Agriculture’s (AZDA) agricultural pilot program. The program allowed for the cultivation, processing, and transportation of hemp by licensed individuals, and it opened the door for a legal CBD market.

This passage came several months before the federal Farm Bill, which legalized hemp at the federal level. The 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law in December of that year, and it effectively removed hemp-based CBD from the Controlled Substances list. And while some states—like South Dakota, Nebraska, and Idaho—continue to have restrictive CBD laws on the books, Arizona has some of the most CBD-friendly laws in the nation.

Arizona Laws for Hemp-Derived vs Cannabis-Derived CBD

When we talk about the legality of CBD oil, it’s important to distinguish hemp-derived CBD from cannabis-derived CBD.

Cannabis and hemp are both variations of the Cannabis sativa plant. But from a legal standpoint, the plant is considered industrial hemp if it contains less than 0.3% THC (not nearly enough to get the user high). Any strain with more than .3% THC is classified as cannabis and therefore subject to any applicable cannabis restrictions.

Since cannabis is now legal in Arizona, consumers can purchase both hemp-derived and cannabis-derived CBD oil. However, there are some additional restrictions placed on cannabis-derived CBD products. If the product contains cannabis:

  • You must be at least 21 years of age or have a valid medical marijuana card in order to purchase the product.

  • You can only purchase the product in a licensed cannabis dispensary.

  • You can only purchase a limited amount each month based on current cannabis purchase limits (there is no purchase limit for hemp-derived CBD).

Most commercial CBD products are hemp-derived, so you shouldn’t run into this issue too often.

The Limitations of CBD Oil

There are a lot of excellent reasons to purchase CBD in Arizona. Preliminary research shows that it may be useful for addressing a range of conditions like chronic pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, hypertension, and epilepsy.

It’s worth noting, however, that much of the research focuses on the effects of CBD combined with THC. As a result, much of the benefit may derive from the THC or from the synergistic effect of THC combined with CBD. That’s why, when CBD isn’t enough, medical marijuana may be more effective for addressing certain chronic medical conditions.

Thankfully, the Arizona medical marijuana program is still alive and well, and it still offers a number of distinct benefits even in the age of recreational cannabis—including higher purchase limits, lower prices, and fewer restrictions.

And if you have a qualifying medical condition, getting certified is as easy as obtaining your physician’s recommendation from an Arizona medical marijuana doctor and registering with the Department of Health Services. At Arizona Green Leaf, we can take care of all the logistics for you.

Thinking of Buying CBD Oil in Arizona?

If you live in Arizona and are looking to buy CBD oil, you’ll be happy to know that you can purchase a wide array of high-quality products legally. Just be sure to do your homework when shopping: research brands and products ahead of time, purchase from reputable retailers, and make sure that your products are third-party lab-tested.

And if CBD proves not to be as efficacious as you hoped for your medical condition, consider the benefits of medical marijuana.


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