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Everything You Need to Know About CannaVet Fest in Phoenix, Arizona

CannaVet Fest is a free annual event run by the Veterans Cannabis Group at Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 720 in Phoenix AZ. The festival provides a safe and fun environment in which local veterans can connect, enjoy food and live music, learn about medicinal cannabis, try free samples, hear from medical professionals and veterans who have found relief with medicinal cannabis, and participate in edibles and infusion workshops.

Who Is Involved in the CannaVet Festival?

Aside from representatives from the Veterans Cannabis Group, the 2022 CannaVet event was attended by several local dispensaries, medical professionals, veterans who have found relief with cannabis, food vendors, event sponsors, and other businesses that came out in support of our nation’s heroes. Chef Turtle—an award-winning cannabis educator and chef—came to deliver an infusion workshop to veterans and other event attendees.

The Main Message of the CannaVet Event

One of the major aims of CannaVet Fest is to educate veterans about combat-related conditions and disabilities that can be improved with cannabis, including combat-related PTSD, sleeplessness, and chronic pain from injuries. It’s also an opportunity to educate people on Arizona’s medical cannabis laws and privileges.

In Arizona, post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain are qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana card, so veterans with a qualifying condition (who are approved for an MMJ card) are eligible to purchase cannabis without the 16% excise tax and to receive medical-only discounts. And those are just some of the benefits.

Get Involved in CannaVet


If you are a veteran in Arizona who is interested in learning more about medicinal cannabis, look out for the next CannaVet Fest and other events run by the Veterans Cannabis Group by checking their website.

If you attended the CannaVet Fest and want to follow up on getting a medical marijuana card, the next step might be to apply for a card via an MMJ telemedicine appointment. If you qualify, the trusted physicians at Green Leaf can help you get certified in as little as one day.

Community Groups, Businesses, and Individuals

Other people from the community who are interested in supporting medicinal cannabis for local veterans can help by sponsoring or attending the next CannaVet Festival, making a tax-deductible donation to VCG, or participating in educational efforts about the benefits of cannabis.

The developments in the world of medicinal cannabis in Arizona are exciting, and the opportunities to help continue to evolve. Watch this space to find out other ways you can help with cannabis education in Phoenix, AZ.

There’s Hope with Medicinal Cannabis

Cannabis gives hope to thousands of Arizonans, including those who have served in foreign wars and only found relief through cannabis. The CannaVet Festival in Phoenix is both a celebration of those who have discovered the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and an outreach opportunity for others in the community who might not have considered medicinal cannabis before.

Whether you are a veteran, someone who suffers from a debilitating or chronic condition, or just someone who wants to get involved in community education, watch out for future cannabis events in Phoenix, AZ, or a city or town near you. We encourage our military veterans in Arizona to enter our sweepstakes for a free MMJ card.


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