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Do Edibles Make You Lose Weight?

The effects that cannabis use can have on the body are wide-ranging and could even affect weight management. But do edibles make you lose weight?

Edibles are food or drink products infused with cannabis. Patients don’t typically consume edibles to lose weight, but cannabis consumption is linked with effects on the appetite that can contribute to weight loss or gain.

How Edibles May Help With Weight Loss

Edibles aren’t magic weight loss pills. However, cannabis consumption could play an indirect role. Various scientific studies have suggested links between marijuana use and improved weight management. The following are some of the key findings:

How Edibles Could Affect Qualifying Medical Conditions

Edibles could affect the treatment of qualifying medical conditions in different ways. This will depend on what condition you have and the contents of your edible.

Many people aim to lose weight to improve their health or self-confidence. However, weight gain can be important for patients suffering from medical conditions that suppress their appetite or cause nausea and vomiting. Common examples include cancer (and the associated treatments), HIV/AIDS, and anorexia associated with Alzheimer’s disease. THC in cannabis is often used to stimulate appetite in these cases whereas CBD is preferred for appetite reduction and weight loss (more on this below).

The terpenes and cannabinoid levels in different strains will affect the ways in which cannabis could affect your appetite. Choosing the right strain with the right balance of active compounds for your condition can make a difference when consuming edibles.

How Cannabis Edibles Affect Appetite

Cannabis may affect appetite differently depending on the THC and CBD content of the product.

How Could THC Affect Appetite?

Consuming marijuana edibles or smoking cannabis with a high THC content is linked to increased appetite and greater food intake. This is important for medical marijuana patients who wish to gain weight they have lost because of their condition or treatment.

A 2022 study concluded that cannabis was effective in providing short-term relief from nausea. The same study also noted that high-THC strains were more effective in treating nausea than high-CBD products.

Medical marijuana patients in Arizona can purchase medical cannabis to treat more than 10 different qualifying conditions. For example, cancer patients in Arizona could use their medical marijuana card to purchase MMJ to treat their nausea from chemotherapy. This could, in turn, stimulate their appetite.

How Could CBD Affect Appetite?

CBD appears to decrease appetite and boost metabolism. A 2022 review revealed that the majority of the 11 studies reviewed indicated CBD could have a role in reducing appetite.

Cannabinoids are thought to interact with neurotransmitters in neural networks to control energy metabolism and feeding behavior. This may lead to a reduced body mass index. Please note that more comprehensive human research is needed to support these findings.

Which Edibles to Try for Weight Loss

Check the cannabinoid content and the type of edible you wish to consume when deciding which edibles to try for weight loss. Edibles come in all shapes and sizes and with different calorific content. Logically, a gummy will be more helpful for maintaining a healthy weight than weed pizza.

Try the following if you want to incorporate edibles into your diet as part of a weight loss journey:

  • Purchase gummies or infused drinks that are naturally sweetened with fruit juice rather than high-fat and high-sugar products like cookies or brownies.

  • Try making your own homemade low-calorie edibles. Buying CBD oil or a high-CBD cannabis tincture to add to foods you enjoy in your everyday diet is one option. CBD is best taken with high-fat foods, so try mixing it with Greek yogurt, coconut oil, or butter as part of a balanced diet.

Remember that it takes significantly longer to feel the effects of edibles than it does after smoking marijuana. Because it can be difficult to predict the strength and how long it will take for an edible's effects to kick in, take it easy and don't overindulge. 

Edibles Can Be Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Achieving a lower body weight is the result of several lifestyle factors. Adding low-calorie edibles to your diet could give your weight-loss efforts a boost. However, it must be part of a health-conscious lifestyle.

Many people benefit from extra help with weight loss. This can take many forms, including training with a friend or partner, or getting professional help from a doctor or health coach. Once you've established a healthy, mood-elevating diet and—if you're able—an increase in physical activity, cannabis-infused edibles (especially those high in CBD) could give you the extra boost you need.


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