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Weed-Infused Pizza Has Come to Arizona

Weed pizza in AZ is taking off in a big way thanks to one dispensary that was willing to push the boundaries with hot cannabis edibles. If you live in Phoenix or Tempe and want a non-smoking way to enjoy your weed, this dispensary restaurant might be worth checking out.

Where to Find Weed Pizza

Established in Guadalupe, near Tempe, The Mint Dispensary placed itself on the map as the first dispensary in Arizona to sell cannabis-infused pizza. Inside the enormous 12,000-foot dispensary (it’s the largest medical marijuana facility in the state) is a full-service kitchen where customers can order sweet favorites and hot food infused with cannabis.

Weed Pizza, Burgers, and More

At The Mint Cafe, weed pizza is only the beginning. In addition to hot foods like pizza, burgers, and chicken nuggets, customers can order treats like cupcakes, brownies, muffins, and even street tacos if you go on Cinco de Mayo. While the menu items carry traditional names, all of the food sold at the cafe is vegetarian and uses meat substitutes rather than meat


Options for Health-Conscious Consumers

As most of the edibles sold in dispensaries are high-calorie, high-sugar cannabis products like candy, cookies, and brownies, the fresh, made-to-order food sold at the cafe gives customers the chance to combine their marijuana consumption with a meal—reducing calories and saving on added sugar. The other advantage is that this fresh food—unlike baked goods—doesn't need preservatives.

Choose Your Dose

When you place an order, your order is cooked up fresh with the amount of THC you choose. For example, you could have the same pizza dosed with anything from 25 mg THC to 1,000 mg THC—the only thing that changes is the price. A pizza dosed with 25 mg THC costs $12.50, whereas a pizza dosed with 1,000 mg THC costs $75. Only medical patients can order a weed pizza with more than 100 mg THC.

No Weed Taste

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this weed pizza is that it just tastes like regular pizza. If you're not a fan of the earthy smell and taste of cannabis, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Made with cannabutter and oils, the hot food and baked goods sold at The Mint Cafe don't carry any taste of marijuana. It all just tastes like regular food—making it an excellent alternative to smoking, vaping, or using concentrates.

Perfect for Those Who Don't Smoke

Weed pizza offers another advantage for marijuana customers in AZ—they can benefit from the effects of THC without any need to smoke. Whether they choose not to smoke or aren't able to smoke for medical reasons, patients can still enjoy the benefits of marijuana use in a way that’s easy on the lungs.

The Effect of Recreational Marijuana Laws on Weed Pizza in AZ

The Mint Dispensary first received permission to sell marijuana-infused food in 2018 under Arizona's medical marijuana program. Customers were required to show their medicinal cannabis card as evidence of having an Arizona qualifying condition before making a purchase. However, after recreational use was legalized in 2021 with Proposition 207, the pizza sales quadrupled, and the company doubled their staff.

Where Can You Try Weed Pizza in AZ?

Since the concept of weed pizza took off at The Mint cannabis dispensary in Guadalupe, they have opened another dispensary and kitchen in Phoenix at 17036 N. Cave Creek Road, near Bell Road. They also announced plans to expand into other states, including Michigan, Massachusetts, and Missouri.

Recreational customers with a government-issued ID and medical customers with a valid medical marijuana card can purchase weed pizza at the Mint Dispensary. Please note, however, that marijuana cannot be consumed on-site. You’ll need to take your weed pizza home to eat.

Can Minors Buy Weed Pizza in AZ?

While recreational customers aged 21 and above can simply go and buy weed pizza, minors 18 to 20 will need a medical marijuana card to enter the dispensary and make a purchase. In Arizona, you can get a medical marijuana card in Mesa or Phoenix if you have a qualifying condition. All you need to do is schedule an in-person or telemedicine appointment, present evidence of your condition, and pay the two-yearly fee of $150 ($75 for SNAP recipients).

The Future of Weed Pizza in Arizona

While The Mint managed to get the government to accept their proposition for making weed pizza, its unclear status under Proposition 207 has made it hard for other dispensaries to open their own in-store commercial kitchens. However, since one dispensary has already obtained permission for cannabis-infused cookery, we can only hope to see the movement grow.

Keep an eye out for even more cannabis cafes and eateries in the near future.


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