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Patient Education

Included in your visit with our physician is a free one-on-one session with one of our Patient Educators. During pre-pandemic times, this occurred at our office immediately before meeting with your doctor. To help reduce the number of patients in the office, we are now scheduling this separately. It is still free of charge, but it now takes place over a phone call.

We highly encourage scheduling time to speak with one of our educators. They have a wealth of information to share both about medical marijuana itself as well as what to know when walking into a dispensary. If you are new to using cannabis as a medicine or interested in expanding your knowledge-base, this is an excellent opportunity. Many renewal patients are surprised how much they learn during these education sessions.

Interested in scheduling an education session before setting up an appointment to see our physician? You are welcome to schedule an appointment for a small fee. If you decide you'd like to see the physician, the fee will go towards your visit.

When you schedule your appointment, let us know that you would like to schedule your education session as well.

medical marijuana in Arizona

Words of Wisdom

We think the medical marijuana community is a great resource ​for learning about this fantastic medication. We have gathered advice from fellow patients over the years whom we have helped certify for their medical marijuana card. Use the link below to access some of the most important things we found patients telling us to share with fellow patients.

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