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Easy Tips for Finding the Best 4/20 Deals in the Phoenix Area

If you’re looking to score great 4/20 deals, you have plenty of options in the Phoenix area. April 20th (or “4/20”) has become somewhat of a national holiday in recent years, especially as more states like Arizona have legalized recreational cannabis use. Many consumers love to take advantage of the deals offered by dispensaries on 4/20, but believe it or not, it’s actually possible to score those types of deals all year long. You just have to know how to find them.

Browse Dispensary Websites

When shopping for 4/20 deals or for cannabis deals in general, the best place to start is on dispensary websites. If any dispensary is planning a 4/20 sale or event, they’re going to promote it pretty heavily.

More than that, you can also find daily deals on dispensary websites year-round. For instance, the Nirvana Center website has a “Specials” page with deals that are updated every day. So do The Flower Shop website and the Giving Tree website. If you visit the website of The Phoenix dispensary, you’ll find a Sales category on the main homepage menu. So be sure to check the websites of all of your favorite dispensaries and maybe a few dispensaries that you’ve never even thought to visit.

Follow Local Dispensaries on Social Media

Visiting dispensary websites is helpful on its own, but it’s worth noting that a lot of local dispensaries have an excellent social media presence as well. Not only do these businesses show off their local products and events, but they often post limited-time deals and discounts that you can take advantage of in-store. Oftentimes, these deals don’t even show up on their websites.

Dispensaries with a strong social presence include:

If you follow enough local retailers online, you’re sure to find impressive new deals every week.

Sign Up for Loyalty Deals

In addition to daily deals, many Phoenix dispensaries offer loyalty programs that allow you to earn points or credits for every purchase you make. Bloom Dispensary, for example, has a free rewards program called the Bloom MVB (Most Valuable Bud) program. The program allows you to earn one point for every dollar you spend, and those points can be exchanged for flower, edibles, concentrates, cartridge selections, and much more.

Giving Tree has a similar type of rewards program. Here, every 200 points earns a $5 reward, and every 1,500 points earns a $50 reward. Rewards can also be traded for things like flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, and more.

Attend Cannabis Festivals and Events

Cannabis festivals, conventions, and events are excellent places to score even more deals on products. Local dispensaries set up booths to engage with the community and generate new business, and while they generally can’t sell cannabis products at the events themselves, they often provide visitors with valuable coupons that can be used later in store. Some retailers will often have games, prize wheels, and other promotions that can earn you free or deeply discounted cannabis products.

There are a number of world-class cannabis events in the Phoenix area throughout the year, including 420 Blaze It Fest (held on 4/20), Cannaval (held in November), the Errl Cup (held twice annually), and HempCon (a multi-city event that sometimes comes to Phoenix in the summer). Some of these events are free, and most cost $35 or less to attend.

Shop Big on 4/20

If you want to access the widest range of deals, you have to shop on 4/20. Every cannabis business is running deals on this unofficial weed holiday, and many retailers offer their best deals of the year.

For instance, in past years, Giving Tree Dispensary has offered 25% off select edibles, buy-one-get-one-free deals on select cartridges, and 20% off select products from leading brands. Harvest House of Cannabis has offered 20% off select concentrates, 25% off select vapes, and even a free vape pen for the first 100 customers to walk through the door. Marigold Dispensary is another local location noted for offering up to 25% off select products for the 4/20 holiday, and Hi-Life Smoke & Vapor Shop has even offered up to 40% off select glassware.

Note that these are examples of past sales and are not necessarily reflective of what the next 4/20 will hold. But they should give you a basic idea of why so many connoisseurs flock to local Phoenix dispensaries on the 20th of April each year. Visit dispensary websites to learn about specific sales for the next 4/20.

Browse Coupon Sites and Discount Pages

While you’re searching online for 4/20 deals in Phoenix, don’t focus exclusively on dispensary websites. There are other resources that will consolidate deals from across the Phoenix area on a single page. For example, Leafly Phoenix provides a list of local deals that are updated daily. Just note that some of these deals are for cannabis delivery, a service that’s currently only available to medical patients in Arizona. So if you qualify, it’s still a good idea to get your medical marijuana card.

Other websites to peruse include Leafbuyer,, Save on Cannabis, and other cannabis coupon sites. Just target your search to Phoenix, and follow instructions for any items you wish to purchase. You may need to download a coupon code and order your products online for in-store pickup.

Get a Medical Marijuana Card

A Phoenix medical marijuana card will help you to save money every time you buy cannabis — and sometimes the savings are significant. Medical marijuana patients are exempt from the 15.8% excise tax that recreational customers have to pay. As a patient, you’re only required to pay the local sales tax rate, which is 8.6% in Phoenix. Recreational customers have to pay this tax on top of the excise tax.

In addition to these savings, many dispensaries offer special medical-only deals on their products. For example, at The Phoenix Dispensary, patients can save 15% on non-sale items between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. Monday through Friday. Other dispensaries offer similar types of deals.

To get a medical marijuana card in Arizona, you need to have a qualifying condition like chronic pain, PTSD, cancer, glaucoma, severe nausea, or muscle spasms. If you have a state-recognized qualifying condition, you just need to obtain a physician’s certification and register with the Arizona Department of Health Services.

The Key to Finding Excellent 420 Deals in Phoenix

If you’re looking to save money on 4/20 or on any other day of the year, the most important thing is to shop around. The great thing about living in the Valley of the Sun is that there are so many world-class dispensary locations to choose from.

On any given day, you have access to numerous sales and promotions. You just have to be diligent about comparing your options. While one dispensary might not be offering a discount on the products you need today, the dispensary down the street might have exactly what you’re looking for at a superior price. When you see a great deal, act quickly. The best deals are only as good for as long as supplies last.

So shop around, attend events, and use the internet to your advantage. Cannabis products may be expensive, but you can save a tremendous amount of money every month by just doing your homework.


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