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The Ultimate List of Arizona Dispensary Prices 

Since Proposition 207 was passed and recreational marijuana was legalized in AZ, Arizona cannabis prices have become a focal point for the state's marijuana community. In 2022, Arizona’s dispensary prices are still above the national average, perhaps due to the young age of its recreational marijuana industry. However, customers can still find a wide range of prices for cannabis products in Arizona, along with ways to save.

Arizona Weed Prices by Product

Cannabis Flower

The most affordable dispensary product is cannabis flower, simply because it hasn't gone through any additional processing to turn it into a joint, concentrate, distillate, or edible. Boutique Arizona weed strains typically cost more than classic, bulk-grown staples.

In Arizona in 2022, you can expect to pay:

  • Medical cannabis flower:

    • One gram: $12.00-$18.00

    • Eighth: $10.00-$60.00

    • Quarter: $49.00-$120.00

    • Half: $39.00-$130.00

  • Recreational cannabis:

    • One gram: $8.00-$25.00

    • Eighth: $28.00-$49.00

    • Quarter: $49.00-$90.00

    • Half: $85.00-$180.00


Pre-rolls are the next up in terms of price because they require one additional step to produce. Prices for pre-rolls vary enormously and are affected by the size of the joint, whether the flower is infused with concentrates, and how many pre-rolls are included in the pack. You can expect to pay:

  • Medical cannabis pre-rolls

    • Single: $7-100

    • Pack: $22-54

  • Recreational cannabis pre-rolls

    • Single: $7-100

    • Pack: $22-54

Concentrated Marijuana Products

Concentrates include items like butane hash oil (BHO) in varying consistencies, plus solventless resins. Concentrated marijuana products are used for dabbing, vaporization, and making edibles. Prices for concentrates in Arizona vary depending on the quality, the strain, and whether they are intended for medical patients or recreational marijuana customers.

  • Medical prices

    • 0.5 gram: $19.99-55.00

    • 1 gram: $20.00-90.00

    • ⅛ oz: $130.00-160.00

  • Recreational prices

    • 0.5 gram: $19.99-55.00

    • 1 gram: $20.00-90.00

    • ⅛ oz: $130.00-160.00


Vaporizer carts tend to cost a little more than concentrates per piece because the contents are even more highly refined and packaged as a 0.2 gram, 0.3-gram, 0.5-gram, or 1-gram product. As expected, strain-specific vape oil lies at the more affordable end of the spectrum and distillates—including distillates with the terpenes added back in—lie at the higher end of the spectrum.

  • Medical prices

    • 0.2 gram: $28.00

    • 0.3 gram: $19.99-24.99

    • 0.5 gram: $24.00-60.00

    • 1 gram: $24.99-80.00

  • Recreational prices

    • 0.2 gram: $28.00

    • 0.3 gram: $19.99-24.99

    • 0.5 gram: $24.00-60.00

    • 1 gram: $35.00-80.00


Tinctures include sublingual formulations that may contain CBD, THC, CBN, and/or CBG. Dispensary prices are affected by the dose of cannabinoid(s) in the bottle as well as the bottle size.

  • Medical prices: $14.00-200.00

  • Recreational prices: $20.00-156.00


Edibles in Arizona have a limit of 10 mg per piece or 100 mg per package for recreational customers and no limit on THC content for medical customers. Prices in Arizona dispensaries vary by THC content and the nature of the other ingredients.

  • Medical price: $2.00-90.00

  • Recreational price: $2.00-45.00


Since legalization, Arizona dispensaries are allowed to sell infused beverages with up to 100 mg THC. Beverages can be sold individually or in packs.

  • Medical prices: $6.00-68.00

  • Recreational prices: $6.00-24.00


Arizona dispensary prices for topical cannabis products like balms, oils, creams, and roll-ons increase with higher levels of THC and/or CBD and larger product sizes.

  • Medical price: $10.00-70.00

  • Recreational price: $10.00-70.00

Medical vs. Recreational Pricing

As you can observe with cannabis flower prices, recreational cannabis tends to cost more than medical cannabis for the same quality, while medical products top out at higher price points because of the higher percentage of THC. To make high-potency cannabis more affordable for medical marijuana patients, many medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries offer medical-only discounts that aren't available to recreational customers.

The Marijuana Excise Tax

Another factor in Arizona's dispensary prices is the marijuana excise tax. To cover the costs of enforcing the Smart and Safe Arizona Act and generate more revenue for public-interest programs in the state, recreational dispensaries (and medical dispensaries that also offer recreational cannabis) must legally charge recreational customers an excise tax of 16% on top of marijuana dispensary prices and state and local sales tax. In total, recreational cannabis customers pay up to 24% in taxes compared to around 8% for medical patients.

Other Factors that Affect Arizona Dispensary Prices

Apart from factors like taxation, prices are affected by the quality of the bud, packaging, and other ingredients. Products on the lower end of the price range tend to be:

  • Conventionally grown

  • Machine trimmed

  • Filled out with trim

  • Packaged in plastic

  • Flavored with non-cannabis-derived terpenes

  • Stabilized with additives and fillers

In contrast, products on the higher end of the price range tend to be:

  • Boutique, pheno-hunted strains

  • Grown without pesticides

  • Family-owned

  • Hand-trimmed

  • Packaged in glass

  • Flavored with cannabis-derived terpenes

  • Free from additives and fillers

  • Infused with concentrates (in the case of pre-rolls)

  • Controlled rigorously for quality

Save Money with a Medical Marijuana Card

Whether you have a small or a large budget for cannabis products, the best way to save money on quality cannabis in Arizona is by obtaining a medical marijuana card. If you have a qualifying condition as defined by Arizona's medical marijuana program and are at least 18 years of age, you can easily obtain a medical marijuana card in Mesa, AZ, with an in-person or an online appointment. Once you are approved, you will pay $150 to the Arizona Department of Health Services for your two-year medical marijuana card or $75 if you are a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipient.

While $150 (or $75) may seem like a fair bit of money—especially on top of doctor's fees and any tests required as evidence of your condition—the savings in purchasing medical marijuana products usually adds up to far more if you need to purchase marijuana regularly. When you add up the differences in pricing plus the savings without the excise tax, an AZ medical marijuana card could help you save a significant amount of money on cannabis.

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