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How to Get a $50 Arizona Medical Marijuana Card

The standard cost of a medical marijuana card in Arizona is $150. However, that may soon change if a key piece of legislation is passed in the state. Senate Bill 1466 (SB1466), the Medical Omnibus Bill, seeks to transform certain aspects of the state’s medical marijuana program. In part, it would lower the standard cost of an AZ medical marijuana card from $150 to just $50.

How The Bill Would Lower the Cost of Medical Cannabis in AZ

SB 1466 includes many stipulations. For instance, it would add PTSD and autism spectrum disorder to Arizona’s list of qualifying conditions, and it would codify the right of patients to seek medical marijuana via telemedicine.

Perhaps most notable, though, are the stipulations regarding the cost of a medical marijuana card. Not only would the bill lower the application fee from $150 to no more than $50 for qualifying patients, but it would also waive the application fee entirely for U.S. veterans. Patients would still need to renew their certifications every two years, but renewals would cost no more than $50 as well.

So far, there’s no word on whether the application cost would be less than $50 for SNAP recipients, but that’s certainly a possibility as well given the current pricing structure. Under the terms of the bill, “the department may not charge more than $50 for the application fee.” This wording suggests the possibility of lower-cost certification for qualifying individuals.

How to Get Low-Cost Cannabis Certification Right Now

SB 1466 has not yet passed as of this writing (though it has a lot of positive momentum in the state legislature). However, some patients may still qualify for a reduced-cost certification.

If you’re a low-income Arizona resident on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), you can get your Arizona medical card for just $75—half off the standard price.

Green Leaf also strives to make cannabis certification affordable for all qualifying patients. Our all-inclusive service costs just $250—and that includes Arizona’s application fee as well as the complete doctor visit and application filing. The cost is even lower for SNAP recipients.

In addition, we run a free MMJ card contest for veterans each year. Entering the contest is as simple as filling out a short form on our website, and all U.S. military veterans are eligible. Winners are chosen at random.

Current Status of SB 1466

We’re optimistic about the passage of bill. It has already passed the Senate and made it out of committee in the House, receiving a unanimous upvote at its Health and Human Services Committee hearing. Lower-cost medical certification would benefit Arizonans (and especially Arizona veterans), and the legislature seems receptive as well.

If you would like to see this special bill codified into law, write to your local representatives and urge them to support the bill. We’ll provide any updates on the status of the bill as they become available.

A Medical Marijuana Card Is Worth the Cost

While we’re hopeful to see a reduction in the cost of cannabis certification, it’s worth emphasizing that a medical card is still worth the cost—even as recreational cannabis is easy to access in the state.

For a regular cannabis consumer, the cost savings alone are worth the initial investment. As a patient cardholder, you won’t have to pay the 16% excise tax that recreational customers have to pay. That alone can save you hundreds of dollars a year. And aside from the obvious differences between recreational and medicinal marijuana prices, you’ll also enjoy access to perks like cannabis delivery and higher possession limits.

So while the cost might certainly seem like a hindrance up front, it more than pays for itself in the long run. And with any luck, you’ll only have to pay a third of the price the next time your card is up for renewal.


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