Paying Too Much For Recreational Pot?

In Arizona you pay 16% less for marijuana if you have your Medical Marijuana Card. If you spend $20/week on cannabis, it pays to have your medical card if you are qualified.

Cost Breakdown

The current cost of a Medical Marijuana Card at our clinic can be found here. The cost of a Medical Marijuana Card consists of 2-3 fees.

$150 Arizona's Application Fee (discounted for SNAP recipients)

$100 Doctor Visit Fee

$25 Physical Exam Fee (if needed)

$275 Total

Assuming you pay $250 - $275 every 2 years to have a medical marijuana card, if you purchase and average of $75 worth of product a month, the card pays for itself in tax savings. We will now break down the math.

$75 x 16% = $12 x 24 months = $288

If you spend $200/month on marijuana, the card will save you $768 over two years.

As you can see from the math above, the card pays for itself. The financial savings is one of the top reasons to continue to have your medical marijuana card now that recreational marijuana is legal. To see other reasons, please visit our post on 5 Reasons You Should Still Get a Medical Marijuana Card Now that Arizona Legalized Marijuana.

Free Marijuana

The most common special at dispensaries for New Patients are Buy One Get One Free deals.

These specials are typically for Medical Patients only. There are also weekly specials and vendor days that are geared for Medical Marijuana Cardholders.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card

To learn about the process to obtain your medical card, please go to our page How To Get Medical Card in Arizona. To learn about Qualifying Conditions recognized by the state of Arizona, go Here. If you are ready to obtain your Medical Marijuana Card, please call our office at 480-656-1098 or Book Online.

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