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How to Get the Best Dispensary Deals in Phoenix, AZ

Most—if not all—dispensaries in Phoenix offer specials, discounts, loyalty points, and deals to attract new customers and keep their loyal customers coming back. If you are a regular cannabis consumer, knowing how to get the best dispensary deals in Phoenix, AZ, can help you save a significant amount of money on cannabis.

First-Time Patient Deals

As a way of saying "welcome," many dispensaries offer deals for first-time customers and new medical patients. For example, first-time shoppers at Sol Flower get buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deals for their first 10 visits. At The Phoenix dispensary, first-time patients can choose between a BOGO on any Phoenix brand product or 25% of any regular-priced item. At Nature's Medicines, Phoenix, first-time visitors get 40% off their order.

To qualify for first-time discounts, it needs to be your first time at that particular dispensary. You’ll also need:

  • A valid government-issued ID

  • For medical patients, a valid Arizona medical marijuana card

Medical-Only Deals

Dispensaries understand that medical patients often struggle to afford the cannabis products they need. That's why many dispensary deals only apply to a medicated purchase. If you have a qualifying condition, you can be approved for a medical marijuana card in Mesa or Phoenix with an in-person or telemedicine appointment and the payment of an application fee to the Arizona Department of Health Services. As a qualified medical patient, you’ll also avoid paying Arizona’s 16% excise tax.

Birthday Deals

Birthday deals are typically small, but the great thing is that they're often free! Enjoy a free pre-roll, a free gram of cannabis, or a BOGO on the date of your birthday or anytime during your birthday month (depending on the dispensary). You may sometimes need to make a purchase to receive a free gift on your birthday, so be sure to read the fine print before you go in.

Other Discounts

Many medical dispensaries in Phoenix, AZ, offer permanent discounts for veterans, students, seniors, disabled customers, and Dispensary Agents to make their purchases a little more affordable. For example, Giving Tree gives veterans, seniors, and first responders 10% off all non-discounted items when they show proof of eligibility. To get the best deals, take evidence of your profession or condition to dispensaries if you're:

  • 65 or above

  • A student

  • An army veteran

  • A member of the armed forces

  • A first responder

  • A dispensary agent

  • Permanently disabled

Daily, Weekly, and Special-Occasion Deals

Many dispensaries offer daily, weekly, special-occasion, and other regular deals that you can take advantage of for reduced pricing. For example, some dispensaries offer discounts on particular products every Friday, Saturday, or reduced prices for half ounces of new strains. Other dispensaries, including Nirvana Center, run promotions on special occasions like Earth Day or the 4th of July. If you want to boost your supplies or stock up on a particular product, you can sign up for dispensary newsletters to find out about upcoming specials and deals.

Referral Deals

The best form of advertising for dispensaries is word of mouth. Customers can often score discounts for referring a new customer, leaving a review on the dispensary's website, or even liking the dispensary's social media page! If you've got friends and family who are interested in cannabis, this is an easy way to get discounts and deals.

Loyalty Rewards

Most dispensaries in Phoenix offer some kind of loyalty rewards system to encourage repeat purchases at their store. On your first visit to any dispensary, be sure to ask about joining their loyalty rewards program and sign up for their email newsletter. You may be able to start earning points straight away toward a discount or a free gift.

Canna-deal Websites

Some websites, like Cannasaver, find deals and coupons from multiple dispensaries and display them all on a single page. Using a coupon website to find deals is a great way to save money on your favorite products and get the best deals that are available on any given day.

Terms and Conditions Apply

No matter where you find a deal, there are usually terms and conditions. For example, you'll often see a notice that "this discount cannot be combined with any other offer," "restrictions apply," "free with a purchase," or "applies only to regular-priced items." Reading the fine print carefully will make sure you take full advantage of the deal.

Do Your Research and Enjoy the Savings!

For bargain-hunters in Phoenix, AZ, there really are many ways to save! Whether you're a recreational consumer, a medical patient, a first-time patient, or a long-term loyal customer, you can usually find the best dispensary deals in Phoenix, AZ, by shopping around, subscribing to dispensary email newsletters, and checking cannabis coupon sites.

And if you have one of the 14 qualifying conditions in Arizona, be sure to apply for a medical marijuana card. That's the ultimate way to maximize your savings every day of the week.


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