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Top Dispensaries in Mesa, AZ

If you’re looking for the best Mesa dispensaries, there are a lot of important factors to consider: price, selection, customer service, and more. Luckily, Mesa is conveniently located near some of the best medicinal and recreational dispensaries in the state, and there are plenty of excellent marijuana products for all types of customers.

The Best Mesa Dispensaries

There are numerous dispensaries in the Mesa area, but some of the buzz-worthy options include The Flower Shop, Nova Dispensary, and Territory Dispensary.

Most Mesa dispensaries now serve both recreational consumers and medicinal patients, but some medical-focused dispensaries will place limitations on recreational customers. For example, Tru|Med still reserves their top-shelf marijuana flower for their medicinal patients and does not allow online ordering for recreational customers.

Call ahead to find out if your local recreational or medical marijuana dispensary has any similar limitations.

1. The Flower Shop

205 E University Dr., Mesa, AZ 85205

The Flower Shop Dispensary in Mesa, Arizona

Known for their organically cultivated and hand-picked cannabis, The Flower Shop is one of the state’s premier dispensaries for lovers of artisan and craft cannabis. They recently launched their own app to streamline orders and pickups, so you can skip the lines and get what you need at the click of a button (or the tap of a finger).

Their cannabis guides are extremely knowledgeable, their cannabis products are robust, and they even offer some harder-to-find product selections like tinctures and bath bombs. Enjoy the lush green surroundings as you take advantage of awesome daily deals and stock up on competitively priced bud of exceptional quality.

2. Nova Dispensary

1911 W Broadway Rd Suite 23, Mesa, AZ 85202

Nova Dispensary in Mesa, Arizona

Nova is a medical-centric dispensary founded by medical marijuana patients. But while the goal of Nova is to provide medical-grade herb that’s as therapeutic as it is enjoyable, they proudly cater to all customers and patients with an interest in cannabis.

All products are personally vetted by dedicated professionals, cutting agents like PG and VG are strictly banned in vape pens, and the dispensary only partners with organic product growers. There’s even an on-staff physician available to answer questions and help patients to choose the best products for various needs.

Nova is also a great place to save. Every time you check in, you earn points that you can use toward gifts and purchases.

Note that, during COVID-19, Nova is only accepting orders online and over the phone. You can order on their website and pick up in store.

3. Territory Dispensary

550 W McKellips Rd, Mesa, AZ 85201

Territory Dispensary in Mesa, Arizona

Territory Dispensary is one of Arizona’s best-known and best-loved dispensaries, with three locations in the Greater Phoenix area including one in Mesa. This medical-focused dispensary offers two menus: one for patients and one for recreational customers.

They also offer some impressive deals for card-carrying medical patients, like $50 quarters and buy-one-get-one deals on select cartridges. Earn 3% rewards on every dollar you spend, and cash them in on some of the industry’s highest-quality flower, topicals, vape oils, concentrates, and more.

Visitors love the quick service and friendly, knowledgeable staff. And with their cashless prepay option, you can place your order online and pick it up when you arrive.

How to Access Mesa Dispensaries

To access Mesa dispensaries as a recreational customer, you’ll need to be at least 21 years old and have your legal ID. If you’re a medicinal patient or caretaker, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old and have your medical cannabis card and ID. Be sure to check the dispensary website before visiting, as some facilities like Nova Dispensary are requiring customers to pre-order before visiting.

If you have a qualifying medical condition but aren’t yet a medicinal patient, we highly recommend getting your Arizona medical marijuana card. Not only will you gain access to much better prices (patients pay the local sales tax but are not required to pay the 15.8% excise tax), but you’ll gain access to special medicinal-only menus, express lines in many dispensaries, and products not available to adult-use customers.

Whether you go medicinal or stay recreational, you have plenty of excellent Mesa dispensaries to choose from. Explore them for yourself, and experience some of the best herb in the Copper State.


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