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7 Awesome 420 Events in Phoenix That You Won’t Want to Miss

Phoenix, Arizona, has become a hotspot for major cannabis events, and those events aren’t just happening on 4/20. Whether you’re looking to party with like-minded tokers or take advantage of the best dispensary deals, the following are some of the city’s best cannabis events taking place on 4/20 and throughout the year.

420 Blaze It Fest

If you’re looking for something to do on 4/20, 420 Blaze It Fest is the premier event.

Held at the Arizona Event Center in Mesa, this event focuses on raising awareness about the many life-changing benefits of medical marijuana.

The event is packed with vendors that include local dispensaries and smoke shops, and guests can enjoy giveaways, carnival games, live music, educational panels, and much more. Jam to the hottest reggae, hip-hop, and EDM music, and celebrate all things 4/20.


Cannaval is the ultimate cannabis fall festival, commonly held in November at the Thompson Event Center in Mesa.

This all-day festival includes food trucks, live music, bars, and a range of unique entertainment options like luchador wrestling, samba dancers, fire acrobats, and much more. It’s modeled after Rio Carnival, and it brings some of that same vibrant energy to the Phoenix area.

The party lasts until late into the night, and vendors are on hand to hook you up with deals, promotions, and paraphernalia. Best of all, tickets have traditionally been as low as $35, so you can enjoy this unique event without breaking the bank.

The Errl Cup

The Errl Cup is Arizona’s premier awards ceremony for dispensaries and other weed businesses.

Retailers are judged on a range of criteria including customer appreciation, dispensary accountability, and more. There are even categories that medical marijuana patients can win.

There are 34 categories in all, and the competition is divided into two types of categories: Dispensary Class and Patient Class. But this isn’t just some stuffy award show. The Errl Cup also includes live music, games, giveaways, vendors, contests, and even product samples. It’s definitely an event you won’t want to miss.

710 Degree Cup

An offshoot of the Errl Cup, the 710 Degree Cup focuses on cannabis products. Categories include best flower indica, best flower sativa, best flower hybrid, best concentrate, best CBD, best distillate, and much more.

The categories are divided between medicinal and adult-use products, and medical marijuana patients can even sign up to be judges — so you might want to get your Arizona medical marijuana card if you qualify and you haven’t already obtained one.

And like the Errl Cup, the 710 Degree Cup is a full-fledged party complete with vendors, music, games, and much more. Best of all, it’s free for all adults over 21. You just need to register ahead of time. The 710 Degree Cup is an annual event held in October.

Errl Camp Fall 2021

Held during the summer at Jackpot Ranch in Camp Verde, Errl Camp is the ultimate cannabis nature experience. Guests are able to indulge in the finest bud in Arizona while convening with nature, enjoying round-the-clock live music, and taking part in sports, hiking scenic trails, and reveling in one unforgettable weekend-long party.

Guests can also take part in traditional camping experiences like fishing, boating, and tubing. And of course there are plenty of retail and food vendors scattered across the gorgeous 72-acre campground.

Tickets generally range from $10 to $180 depending on the type of camping space, but single-day free passes are sometimes available.

HempCon Cannabis Expo

HempCon is a multi-city event that also takes place in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and even states like Oklahoma and Michigan. The actual locations can vary from year to year, and HempCon doesn’t always happen in Phoenix (it has actually been absent during the COVID-19 pandemic).

Still, in the event that it does make a triumphant return to our city, it’s worth watching out for. HempCon is one of the nation’s premier cannabis festivals, complete with guest speakers, cannabis business seminars, new product unveilings, cooking-with-cannabis workshops, and more.

You won’t find a more educational event, as HempCon brings together industry leaders, scientists, and influencers from across the cannabis spectrum. A wide range of vendors are on site, and tickets are extremely affordable — typically in the $20-$25 range.

When HempCon comes to Phoenix, it’s typically held in June, so keep your eyes open.

Cannabis Dinners

Cannabis dinners have become popular in the Phoenix area. You can find dinner events on 4/20 and throughout the year, many of which are hosted by top celebrity chefs in the area like Derek Upton. For instance, The Clarendon Hotel hosts a monthly cannabis dinner called Elevated Under the Stars: An Educational Culinary Experience. Local dispensaries also host public and private dinners on occasion.

In general, these dinners cost about $150 to $250 per person, but they include a 4- to 6-course meal prepared by a top chef plus educational guidance on how to get the most from different cannabis products and infusions.

4/20 Dispensary Deals

If you’re still looking for things to do on the actual date of 4/20, your local dispensaries are the best places to check out. Pretty much every dispensary has special deals and promotions — and in many cases even events — on 4/20.

Dispensaries like Giving Tree, Harvest House of Cannabis, Curaleaf, and Reef Dispensaries are just a few of the local spots that are known for their impressive 4/20 discounts.

And if you’re looking for deals the rest of the year, ask your local dispensary if they have daily deals or a loyalty program. If you shop around and compare an array of options, you’ll be amazed by some of the discounts you can find.

How to Find Local 420 Events in Phoenix

Whether on April 20 or throughout the year, it’s easy to find upcoming cannabis events in your area. Resources like Eventbrite, Weedly Phoenix,, and your local dispensary websites make excellent resources. You can find everything from cannabis yoga classes to cooking courses, patient meetups, and more. Check out our guide for finding a 420-friendly AirBnB in Phoenix.

Attending 420 events is a great way to connect with like-minded advocates, learn about cannabis products and usage, score excellent deals, and even help to shape public policy. So be sure to make time for the next event that rolls through the valley.


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